GameFAQs History

The Simming Master of GameFAQs has run a Simmed Season that lasted a long time, around 6 months in season time. He is also the creator of the Random Simmed Tournament as well as creating a few other non simming tournaments.

Currently Mr. Bingham is doing another PPV Prediction Game. It is similar to one he did almost a year ago. Brad sims 8 matches for the Prediction Game and does a PPV Prediction game every day.

Brad does most of his simming on SmackDown! VS Raw 2007, which has over 200 CAWs.

Also Brad has been a member of GameFAQs since 2002 and has never lost his original account. Besides the SmackDown Games, Brad is also a big RPG fan. His favorite game series is Suikoden. Brad likes other RPGs, for example Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Cross as well as Mario RPG. Brad is also a big wrestling fan, and has an extensive knowledge of wrestling.

If your reading this please predict in Brad's PPV Prediction Game, it can be found on the SmackDown! VS Raw 2006 Social Board of GameFAQs. If you do, Brad will be your friend for life.

Brad's Random Simmed PPV Prediction Game

Fantasy Booker Game

Best Wrestling Federation

Bradbingham signed up for this, naming his show Best Wrestling Federation. His promotion is currently in fourth place, under Real Wrestling Action (GGRevamped), Sexy Action Wrestling (Sir Slurpee) and High Performance Wrestling (Wehmer). "We're not the World, we're the Best!"


  1. Fallen Angel
  2. The Sandman
  3. Vader
  4. Elijah Burke
  5. James Storm
  6. Low-Ki
  7. CM Punk
  8. Raven
  9. Devon Dudley
  10. Tommy Dreamer
  11. Big Show
  12. Andre the Giant
  13. Snitsky
  14. Arn Anderson
  15. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  16. Goldberg
  17. John Cena
  18. Ric Flair
  19. Sid Vicious
  20. Cactus Jack
  21. Terry Funk
  22. Tully Blanchard
  23. Bubba Ray Dudley
  24. Chris Harris
  25. Colt Cabana
  26. Shane McMahon
  27. Sabu
  28. Tazz
  29. Bret Hart
    1. After a series of unfortunate events, it all turned good for Jane, as she traded Shaun Majumder, a DoDo and Ernie and got Hanky the Christmas Poo and a giant case of diarhea.

There was a lot of swapping around going on, so I might have got something wrong.

What The Other Users Have To Say...


  • Having only really started to speak to him for around six months now, I have to say that he is one of the nicest users around. Always willing to sacrifice school/social life to sim matches for his mates, he has always been kind and friendly. His simming tournaments (most notably the Random Tournaments) are second to none, and he's always been a good user.

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