Bradley Prouten Attacks

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  • Anthony Roberts-Lilo
  • Bradley Prouten-Jumba
  • Thayne Prouten-Stitch
  • Ms Hughes-Pleakley
  • Ms Frisen-Cobra
  • Pop-Nani
  • Uncle Dale-David


  • Bradley: (Thayne screams and runs, by Bradley gets the chainsaw.) Get back here, you little...!
  • Anthony: Thayne? What is it? Shh...
  • Bradley: Oh, hiding behind your little friend won't work anymore! Didn't I tell you? We got fired this morning, new rules.
  • Thayne: (A little glowing green, to but he laughed) Oh, oh! Ow, ow, ow!
  • Anthony: What're we gonna do?
  • Bradley: Ooh! I love this song!
  • Anthony: Pliers. Uh, screwdriver.
  • Thayne: Check.
  • Bradley: Come out, my friend from whatever you are hiding behind. What the?! (He screamed was blowing the laptop explodes.) Come on! What's the big deal?
  • Thayne: Here I come!
  • Bradley: I'll never put you like together again. I'll make you taller and not so worried about you!
  • Thayne: I not worried about you!
  • Ms. Hughes: (Bradley whipped plates his ring by holes into yourself) No... NO... NO-OOO!!!
  • Thayne: You little clumsy!
  • Bradley: Ah! Leave my mother out of here! (Thayne falls into the floor gets smashed) You could do with a makeover. I tried to get you my good looks, but face it something was broke.
  • Anthony: No! (Thayne picks up Bradley swings and glass shattered.) Quick! Follow me! If we make it...
  • Ms. Hughes: (sneaks up) You're alive!
  • Anthony: Now over the place!
  • Bradley: (evil laughter) Running away? Here, and I'll stop you!
  • Ms. Hughes: Look out!
  • Bradley: You are always get in away!
  • Ms. Hughes: Where's the boy? What about the air duct never the boy?
  • Anthony: Hello, Ms. Frisen? Thayne was attacking my house.
  • Ms. Hughes: No, no, no, no license.
  • Thayne: (His crashing the wall by Sable Mercury Car holding the vehicle, but very screamed.) BLUE PUNCH BUGGY!! (Bradley gets hurt by pain itself, on the Retro Computer room.) NO PUNCH BACK! (Bradley gets hurt again with car horn honk.)
  • Anthony: Oh, no! They want my boy!
  • Ms. Hughes: There is no need to alert this authories, everything OK.
  • Ms. Frisen: Anthony, what happened?
  • Anthony: Oh, right! The boy found the flamethrower.
  • Ms. Frisen: Anthony! Don't hang...!
  • Thayne: (laughing with the flamethrower)
  • Anthony: Huh?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (The fire traps by wires was somebody lost.)
  • Ms. Hughes: We're safe! Absoluety safe!
  • Bradley: How do you know? (Thayne picks up a bomb) You shouldn't play with the bombs.
  • Thayne: Oh, OK.
  • Bradley: Thank you, oh, I just remembered it's your birthday, young man! Happy birthday!
  • Thayne: Whoa, Merry Christmas!
  • Bradley: That's not her Christmas!
  • Thayne: Happy Haunkkan!
  • Anthony: We're leaving, Thayne?
  • Ms. Hughes: Trust me, this is not going to end well!
  • Bradley: One potato!
  • Thayne: Two potato!
  • Bradley: Three potato!
  • Thayne: Four!
  • Bradley: Five potato!
  • Thayne: Six potato!
  • Bradley: Seven potato, more!
  • Thayne and Bradley: (alternating) My... mother... told... me... you... are... it...
  • Bradley: Ha, I win!
  • Pop: (The explodes his Pop's house will Thayne and Bradley screamed while Anthony and Ms Hughes screams in distance.) Thanks, the man is here! You won't be disappointed. I'll show up early to help with the morning deliever... What the?! (Fire engine siren wailing noise in distance.) Oh no! Don't turn left! No!
  • Thayne: (cries)
  • Anthony: (cries, to holding his Ms. Frisen) Once you had a try it eye, in the middle this face!
  • Pop: Aw, Anthony! Please don't do this!
  • Ms. Frisen: You go ahead that's no choice.
  • Pop: No! You are not taking her! I'm the only one who understands her, you take that away, she won't stand a chance!
  • Ms. Frisen: You are making this harder than it needs to be.
  • Pop: But you don't know what you're doing! She needs me!
  • Ms. Frisen: I this what she needs?! It seems clear to me that you need her a lot more than she needs you! Anthony! Anthony!
  • Pop: Anthony!
  • Ms. Frisen: Anthony!
  • Anthony: (Fade out, cut to: Uncle Dale's house) You've ruined everything!
  • Thayne: Anthony, you've ruined everything!

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