The Brave Little Toaster sounds and Prouten clips.


  • Victoria as Toaster
  • Thayne as Blanky
  • Bradley as Kirby
  • Zack as Radio
  • Anthony as Lampy
  • Ms. Frisen as Young Rob
  • Pop as Air Conditioner


  • Anthony: I guess we can assume wasn't him, right?
  • Victoria: Let's get back to work, everybody.
  • Zack: (We hear a crying Thayne. Victoria pushed by the long chair. Dad's crane on the backwards in cart by Zack, when you are yellow blaring) Sorry, for that interruption folks. The return to our regularly scheduled program at this time.
  • Thayne: (And everything will crane crashed! Victoria, Bradley watch by noticed will quick. Thayne get out the room, and holding the Coca-Cola bottle, it's like a "591 ml". Long pause, and finally cry loudly.)
  • Bradley: (Sighs, and angry) Cry, cry, weep, wail, and sob! It's disgusting! Every time I hope you've learned! Every single that... Give me that stupid bottle!
  • Thayne: No, no!
  • Victoria: I'll just put it away!
  • Bradley: (Thayne grunting) In the garbage!
  • Thayne: No, you can't!
  • Bradley: Wimp!
  • Victoria: Let go!
  • Bradley: He's not coming back anyway!
  • Anthony: He's right. The fact is a just not enough my facts.
  • Ms. Frisen: Thayne! Bradley! You two what are you doing here? Cut it out! (Thayne/Bradley grunting) Knock it off, everybody! Give me that bottle!
  • Thayne: Fine! (drinks the bottle Coca-Cola)
  • Bradley: Ms. Frisen!
  • Ms. Frisen: We were worried about him.

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