Billy is an orange, imperious tank engine with prominent buck teeth. He's one of Sodor's youngest engines, and sometimes refused to listen to advice. One day, he was helping Edward on his branch line.

Billy: {lisping} I'm a tank engine, so I should manage trucks myself!

Edward: Don't be so important, Billy. Older engines have most experience!

Billy: {lisping} Edward, you're a bossy, cranky, old, grandpa engine!

Edward: At least I'm not big-headed like James!


Billy: {lisping} Even so, how do others control the trucks?

Edward: Just be firm with them.

Billy: {lisping} That's it?

Edward: Yes.

Billy was pleased. Later, he was boasting to Bill, Ben, and Boco.

Billy: {lisping} Edward says I should be firm with the trucks!

Boco: For one young as you, they might pay you out.

Billy: Pah! I can manage!

And he biffed some trucks hard.

Billy: Come on! Come on!

Troublesome Trucks: Oh! Oh! Oh! We'll teach you!

Bill and Ben were cross with Billy's antics. They agreed with Boco that Billy would get his comeuppance. Next day, Billy was pulling a goods train to take to the other railway. He was waiting for Gordon to arrive with the express. Billy was bragging to Percy.

Billy: {lisping} You see, Percy, I can manage trucks! You got to be firm with them!

Percy: Even so, they might pay you out!

At last, Gordon arrived with the express. He was late because a pig was blocking the line.

Billy: {lisping} Being late's no problem! I can manage trucks like Edward!

Gordon: Quite right, well done. But I'm late, and I haven't time to gossip! You're just a little engine!

Billy: {lisping} The trucks are littler than you!

Billy chuffed through the beautiful countryside with his goods train. He was ordering the trucks very badly, making them even more cross.

Troublesome Trucks: We're sick of this orange puffball ordering us around! We'll pay him out!

Billy got to Gordon's hill, but the trucks held back.

Billy: {lisping} Come on, you stupid trucks!

Troublesome Trucks: Hold back! Hold back!

Billy: {lisping} MOVE! Move you silly trucks! I can't get up this hill, and if I can't, I won't make my deliveries! You'll be stuck here forever, and you'll never be able to move again!

Troublesome Trucks: Okay, okay! We'll stop...

Billy was able to get the trucks up the hill. Getting down was different...

Troublesome Trucks: ON! ON! ON!

Billy: HELP!!!

Billy braked hard, but it was too late! {Some of the trucks are smashed up.} Billy was derailed, and felt very silly. Thomas and Stanley brought Rocky to lift Billy back onto the track, and they also brought Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Topham Hatt: Billy, you're a very naughty engine! When you're mended, I want you to think of ways to be a really useful engine!

Billy: {weakly, lisping} Yes, sir... Sorry, sir...

Billy was brought back to the sheds, and Thomas and Stanley thought how funny this was.

Thomas: What do you make of that, Stanley?

Stanley: It's Billy, but now he's Brainy Billy!

Billy felt miserable, and very silly. He vowed he would never order the trucks around again.


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