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Remembering Bran Jerome Marah

Bran Jerome Marah was a kind friend and a talented performing artist; his death in August 2006 was a sudden and terrible loss. Some of his friends and colleagues planned a memorial for him on Monday, 18 September 2006. That was the original reason for the creation of this mini-wiki. However, anyone who knew him is encouraged to post their thoughts or share some memories here.

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Raven Wing

Thinking About Bran Jerome

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Sharing the Bran_Marah mini-wiki

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SUBECT LINE: Bran Jerome Marah’s WIKI at <>.

BODY TEXT: I believe you may be interested in the mini-wiki created at <> for Jerome Bran Marah. Anyone with internet access and a supported browser can see all its information … we encourage anyone who knew him to post their thoughts or share some memories. Please share this information with anyone you think would like to use it.

--Lisa 13-June-2007

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