We have a tradtion at my grandfather's house. It is such a beutiful tradition. Every time we go there, and I mean every time, we...


Ahh, sigh... Well, it was fun. We broke everything. They have a lot of clutter in their basement, and it is just a kid magnet. We broke everything from rocking horses to clocks to tea sets. Now, your all thinking, why aren't I dead, why didn't he kill me. Well, the truth is, he's probably the nicest guy I'll ever know. We used to joke around how after we'd gone home that he'd just go in his bedroom and scream. We don't think its true, but it might be.


Well, we just keep on breaking, about a month ago, we broke one of his glasses (drinking) and one of his 40 year old clocks. This time, I had to clean up the glass.


Well, we're probably just gonna keep on breakin' stuff, and he'll keep on smilin, and that's why his the best guy in the world. If anyone can put up with us, they're good.

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