Spoilers: I'm going to stick to Basics for a while, even though they contain spoilers... Maybe come back and do through-the-stories on a second pass...


AKA: Lord Gratz, Bren

Age: ~120

Looks: 6'2", blond, green eyes, craggy face, quarter troll.

Character: Gruff, responsible, thoughtful, strong-minded. Cannot be pushed around, acts rather than reacts. Smarter than his brother, and a good ruler.

Special skills: Outdoorsman, camper, tracker, hunter. Good with knives.

Family: Second son of Adeldan von Gratz and Sophie von Bielenfeld. Younger brother of Adelbert.

Married young (~90) to Hilde Stovemuessen, for love. The couple adores camping together. The Stovemuessens have a vast ranch at the base of the Trondheim-Gratz Pass. Hilde's brother Hjalmar is engaged to Vedanya von Trondheim. Brendan and Hilde have two children, Trenton and a small girl (we haven't met).

Brendan has strong ties to the von Bielenfelds, especially Aldrich, probably his best friend despite the whopping age difference (110 years), and his son Dietrich, who is cradle buddies with Trenton. These days, Brendan tends to mind the boys during vacations, and Aldrich supervises their schooling. Gratz and Bielenfeld are strong political allies, though culturally the domains are quite different.

Brendan's brother Adelbert left home 15 years before Brendan was born. His father abdicated and disappeared when Brendan was ~60, and Adelbert couldn't be bothered to rule Gratz - he was too busy with his military career. And when Brendan was ~100, Adelbert was exiled for treason, and Brendan became Lord Gratz in name as well as in practice. Aldrich picked up the slack all along, helping the adolescent Brendan learn to rule Gratz well.

Unlike most noble Mazoku, Brendan point-blank refused to have anything to do with the military. He can't even swing a sword - by choice. This has a lot to do with Brendan's issues with Adelbert. They love each other - at arm's length. Adelbert is not wholly welcome at Gratzberg.

Stories: The Bedding of Wolfram, Axel, The Pirate Wedding, Wolfram Takes a Break,Yuuri's Hot Date, The Trouble with Trolls

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