Brianna is a fire phoenix from the Ditto Story who travels with the vigilante, Phoenix Archer. She is the oldest of the three phoenix companions (Brianna and her sisters, Anna and Diana), being 17 years old at the beginning of the story and now 18. She has the ability to make herself human and has an alias as a human: Rose Jones, younger sister of Vanessa Jones. (It's unknown whether she's actually related to Phoenix Archer or if it's just for their disguise.)

Species (Description and Abilities)

Brianna is a phoenix, though she's very different from the type most people think of. She looks like a large bird with a five-foot wing span (four when she first arrived in Ditto Town), and with gold feathers. The feathers seem to be made of some kind of flexible gold-colored metal, but it's still organic since they grow that way. Her wings have a pattern of red and red-orange feathers which looks like a fire; this is also natural. Before she came to Ditto Town, she just had a the type of tail most birds have, but during the week she left when she turned 18, three plumes grew in. Also, her face used to look like a strange combination between a bird's and a human's---now it looks mostly bird.

Brianna also has the ability to become human and, like Phoenix Archer, she has the ability to "change" her appearance by using a "telepathic pulse", which fools the visual parts of the brain into believing she looks different. Though her telepathic abilities are sharper than Phoenix Archer's---or even her sisters' abilities---she still hasn't done more than change her eye color. Brianna also has control over fire, and she has the ability to scry (see things even if she isn't there, though with her abilities, she can't hear as well as see). An ability she has picked up is basic hacking skills; she learned them in secret from an unknown teacher, which is very odd, since most phoenixes aren't technologically apt.


When she first arrived in Ditto Town when she was 17, Brianna was loyal and courageous, but she was also impetuous and spirited. She was rather passionate, and very determined. Though she wasn't completely devoid of common sense, she sometimes intentionally ignored what her common sense told her.

However, when Brianna turned 18, her personality suddenly changed. Now, she is more quiet and thoughtful than she used to be, and far more reserved when it comes to acting. In fact, sometimes, she completely ignores a problem---at least, for a while---because she feels it's not the right time to act. Sometimes she's right, but sometimes, she's actually just being a little stuck up. All in all, though, she has still retained her passions...just not her zeal to act on them.


Brianna's background is mostly unknown, but it has been said that she's travelling been with Ryana (Phoenix Archer) and her sisters for most of both their lives. Also, Brianna has revealed that, somewhere in her life, she learned basic hacking skills---something unusual for a phoenix, since most modern technology often confuses them. However, however she learned it, the only people with any knowledge of it are herself and her teacher (whoever (s)he was).

Brianna came to town with Phoenix Archer and her sisters. Using her scrying abilities, she discovered that someone was promising to rid the town of evil. Phoenix Archer was naturally concerned about that prospect (as she didn't believe the man who was promising it), so she decided an investigation was in order. They donned their disguises as the Jones sisters and entered town, and eventually even rented a little cottage on the outskirts of town. Though they never actually were involved in the mystery of the man who promised to rid the Town of evil, they did help the Vice President, Frinio, find and capture a horse thief, one who had attacked the Ditto Artist a few days before her capture.

After this, they left town, as they rarely stayed in one place for too long. However, they all loved the town so much, they came back a little while later...and decided to stay. This time, however, things started out badly. Before they left, they agreed that Phoenix Archer would go to town first and find them lodgings (preferably their cottage), and they would come the next day with their things. However, during that day-long gap, Phoenix Archer was attacked, but most of her memories about it were erased by her attacker. Around the same time, all of them began to feel "familiar prescences", as they were called...but Phoenix Archer felt two instead of one, like the phoenixes.

Phoenix Archer, as Vanessa, was an archaeologist, so one day, she set out to start up an archeological dig. On her first day, she brought Brianna (as Rose) with her, and while she was digging, the president, Ashley Clark, found them. Soon after her arrival, Vanessa discovered 17 strange green crystals, all under a chest of pottery. Vanessa gave Miss President one of the crystals, and surreptitiously kept one for herself. Soon after, Brianna found herself frustrated with the lack of answers, and soon was trying to talk Diana into helping her try to find answers on their own. Diana talked her out of it, reminding her of an incident in Diamondair (the incident wasn’t explained), so Brianna dropped the subject…but not her determination on the subject.

Not long after, she snuck into the Ditto Labs and hacked into the computer. Using what knowledge she had, she found a video clip of Miss President investigating the crystal. While she was doing so, a cloaked woman entered the room, and with a gasp, alerted the President that her hand was glowing green. Fascinated, Brianna saved the video onto a disk she had brought with her, and headed home.

On her way home, she ran into J’aec, a newcomer to Ditto Town. He seemed somewhat lonely, so she held a brief conversation with him, during which she discovered a little bit more about him…including the fact that his family was dead. Though the fact that she needed to get home soon (in order to not be discovered) forced her to cut the conversation short, she didn’t forget him.

Because of the Battle for Ditto Town, their investigation was put in a second priority for a while...but after it was over, it slowly resurfaced. However, Brianna found herself less involved than the first time, partially because it was almost time for her 18th birthday...and, like all phoenixes, she would have to leave and go to an unknown place for an entire week in order to do something that would take her from childhood to adulthood; she didn't actually know what, since no phoenix younger than 18 is supposed to know. Before leaving, she met with J’aec again, and they managed to catch some bandits who had intended to rob a traveler on his way into town.

Brianna had to leave for her week almost immediately after Phoenix Archer received an ambiguous clue about some "suspicious activities" around town. She helped with the investigation for a while, but had to leave in the middle of it. She left for her week, and came back...only to find out that Phoenix Archer had been kidnapped and rescued in the time she was gone. She had been noticeably moody after her kidnapping, so eventually, Brianna worked up the nerve to ask her what was wrong. She found out that Phoenix Archer had been kidnapped by Hasaré, one of her greatest enemies. Brianna attempted to make her feel better, but she made the mistake of stating it in a way that could appear as if she was blaming Phoenix Archer for her fear and anger over the situation (she was slightly, but not to the extent that it was taken). Phoenix Archer became angry with her---uncontrollably so. Afterwards, she apologized and (honestly) told her she had no control over what she had been doing. After Phoenix Archer's second uncontrolled burst of anger, Brianna put the pieces together and realized they were connected to Hasare.

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