Brick The Science Kid

Brick The Science Kid

Brick The Science Kid: This parody includes 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions clips, Sid The Science Kid sounds and unecessary censors.

Coming Soon! January - December 2016 - 2020, and lots more!


  • Brick (from The Middle) as Sid
  • Angela (from Barney & Friends) as May
  • Malcolm (from Maicolm In The Middle) as Gerald
  • Matilda (from Matilda) as Gabriela
  • Miss Rosa as Susie
  • Dad (from Caillou) as Mort
  • Mom (from Caillou) as Alice
  • Grandma Thora (from Arthur) as Grandma
  • Bradbury (from Super Why!) as Dr. Rosalinda Cordova
  • Animal (from Muppet Babies) as Zeke

List of Brick The Science Kid episodes (subject)


  • The Sticker Chart (charts)
  • The Rolie Polie (observation/magnification)
  • Enough with the Seashells! (estimation)
  • The Whale Episode (nonstandard measurement)
  • Super Science Tools!
  • My Mushy Banana (decay)
  • My Shrinking Shoes (growth)
  • My Ice Pops (reversible transformation/Ice)
  • The Perfect Pancake (irreversible transformation/Heat)
  • No More Changes!
  • The Itchy Tag (texture/touch/feel)
  • What's That Smell? (smelling)
  • Grandma Thora's Glasses (sight/vision)
  • Too Much Noise! (hearing)
  • All My Senses
  • A Brush With Teeth (dental hygiene)
  • I Want Cake (healthy food groups)
  • The Big Sneeze (germs)
  • Must See TV (exercise/fitness)
  • Brick's Health Day
  • The Broken Wheel (wheels)
  • My Slide (inclined planes)
  • Brick's Amazing Invention (levers)
  • The Tree House (pulleys)
  • Climb, Ignatz, Climb!
  • Hello, Doggie! (animal communication)
  • Home Tweet Home (animal homes)
  • The Dirt on Dirt (dirt/soil/mud)
  • Don't Forget the Leaves! (leaves)
  • The Bug Club
  • Special Mom Day Meal (stomachs)
  • I Have Muscles Where? (muscles)
  • Bricks Amazing Lungs (lungs)
  • How Did My Dog Do That? (bones/skeletons)
  • Now That's Using Your Brain (brains)
  • Brick's Rainy Play Date (rain/thunder/lighting)
  • Special Sunny Dad Day (sun/hot)
  • Bricks Holiday Adventure (snow/cold/ice)
  • The Wind Did It (wind)
  • Brick the Weatherman
  • Slide to the Side (friction)
  • That's the Way the Ball Bounces (elasticity)
  • Ignatz's Inertia (inertia)
  • Brick's Super Kick (force)
  • Where Did The Water Go (water)
  • Clean Air (Air/Trees)
  • Reused Robot (Recycling/Trash)
  • Save the Stump (Habitats)
  • Let There Be Light (light)
  • Discovering Darkness (dark)
  • Shadow Smile (shadows)
  • A Rainbow Every Day! (rainbows)
  • The Amazing Computer Science Tool! (computers)
  • The Big Cheese! (research)
  • Brick Wings It! (Wings)
  • Brick Engineers a Solution (engineering)
  • Get Up and Move!
  • Rock n Roll Easter (Rocks)
  • Living Things
  • Brick's Pet Project (pets/responsibility)
  • Sleep Who Needs It (sleep)
  • Seed The Science Kid (seeds/life cycles)
  • The Reason Brick's Sneezin (allergies)
  • Getting A Shot: You Can Do It! (vaccination)
  • No School Sing-Along Special
  • Brick's Backyard Campout
  • Halloween Spooky Science Special (Halloween: Spiders/Bats/Skeletons/Cats)
  • I Want to Be a Scientist! (Wildlife biologist/Robotics engineer/Chemist/Astronaut)

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