Bridge to the Turnabout

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Case File
Bridge to the Turnabout

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
Episode 5

Case File

Bridge to the Turnabout
February 9-10, Courtroom No. 7
Presiding Judge: Canadian (Day 1), American (Day 2)
Charge: Murder
Victim: Misty Fey
Cause of Death: Stab wound to the back
Murder Weapon: Dagger
Defendant: Sr. Iris Hawthorne
Defense: Atty. Miles Edgeworth (Day 1), Atty. Phoenix Wright (Day 2)
Defense Associate: none
Prosecutor: Atty. Franziska von Karma (Day 1), Atty. Diego Armando (Day 2)
Witness List: Sr. Bikini, Larry Butz, Dahlia Hawthorne, Maya Fey
Verdict: Not Guilty
Perpetrator: Atty. Diego Armando
Case Closed: February 10, 4:50 PM

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Evidence List
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