Bridget Amanda Hatt lives on Sodor, and regularly goes for outings and holidays with her grandparents. On one occasion they went to Toby the Tram Engine's old line, and she thought he was an electric tram! But, apart from that, they had a wonderful holiday, and Toby enjoyed it too. Sometimes they also go to the seaside, which one time led to a hunt for an old castle and a mine, in which Toby ended up making a new friend. Bridget Hatt loves living on Sodor, and seeing the trains.

Bridget Hatt's full name is Bridget Amanda Hatt (her middle name being her mother's). Her parents (mentioned only in the book 'Sodor: Reading Between the Lines') are Charles and Amanda Hatt. Bridget was last featured in Season 5, but made a cameo in Thomas and the Tuba, and Thomas and the Circus in Season 8.


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