• Stephen Hatt as Tillie
  • Jem Cole as Georgia
  • Paxton as Farnsworth
  • The Refreshment Lady as Pete
  • Mrs. Kindley as Jebediah
  • Lady Hatt as Doc
  • Bridget Hatt as Chip
  • Tanya (from Shining Time Station) as Eric
  • The Barber as Jill
  • The Duchess of Boxford as Rollo the Clown
  • Molly Mouse (from Skipper & Skeeto) as Perky the Baby Elephant
  • Lizzie Bee (from Skipper & Skeeto) as Strecth
  • The Angry Policeman as Grumpella
  • The Stationmaster's Wife as The Big Wolf
  • Victor as The Little Wolf
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Eagle
  • Wendy O Koopa (from Mario) as The Voice Inside the Cave

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