Brigadoom is an episode of the science fiction TV series, Lexx.


As the crew of the Lexx desperately flee Mantrid's army of robot drones, they encounter a strange, floating theater in space. Once they are inside, an elaborate musical production begins that recounts the history of Kai and his people, the Brunnen-G, and their battle against the Insect Civilization. Kai and Xev both find themselves taking part in the musical: Kai as himself when he was alive, Xev as Kai's unnamed lover. At the episode's end the musical's message of proudly fighting even in the face of sure defeat convinces Stanley Tweedle to join his friends in battle against Mantrid.


This episode is loosely based upon the musical Brigadoon, only in this case, instead of being a Scottish town that appears every hundred years, it's a stage show, produced by mysterious beings who put on a musical show for the crew of the Lexx as they flee to the centre of the universe.

It is never revealed to us what sort of beings the musical troupe actually are. They don't quite seem to be human, but they could be holograms, aliens, ghosts, androids, or something else. They call the musical "the most important story ever told", and seem to exist purely to convince the Lexx crew to fight on against on Mantrid. The troupe offers to let the Lexx crew join them forever, but Stan declines, saying that the troupe is not alive.

Patricia Zentilli has a role as a singer in this episode, and it is unknown if she is intended to be some incarnation of the slatternly teen she played in an earlier episode, or Bunny, the recurring character she played later.


  • The carving of a hand on the top of the narrator's staff constantly changes between shots as the episode goes on. This is deliberate, and is intended to suggest the narrator's otherworldly qualities.
  • The songs in this episode are mostly German folk songs with new lyrics.
  • Many of the melodies used in this episode were used in later episodes, often with new lyrics. For example, Xev sings a reworked version of the love song from this episode in Tex Lexx to a group of horny cowboys.
  • A full, musical episode of an ongoing TV series was a very unusual thing when this episode aired, although the stunt was later imitated by such series as Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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