In Memory

Smsunfl Steven

Patient Information

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Diagnosed: 3/05

Location: Florida

Diagnosis: DSRCT


Oncologist - Dr. Pasquale Benedetto - Univ. of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. Consulted with Dr. Kushner at MSKCC
Surgeon - Dr. LaQuaglia at MSKCC

Passed Away: 1/21/06



P6 protocol

Surgery - Two surgeries

Removed 55% of liver, gall bladder and one bile duct (replaced it with one made from his intestines) - All observable tumors removed.


Four weeks of total abdominal radiation

Stem Cell Rescue

One week of high dose chemo followed by stem cell rescue

Time Line

Date Test Treatment Chemicals Result
3/05 0 Chemotherapy P6 0
4/05 0 Chemotherapy P6 0
5/05 0 Chemotherapy P6 0
6/05 0 1st Surgery 0 All observable abdominal tumors removed
7/05 0 Chemotherapy P6 0
8/13/05 0 2nd Surgery 0 Removed 55% of liver, gall bladder and one bile duct (replaced it with one made from intestines) - Removed all observable tumors.
9/05 0 Chemotherapy P6 0
10/05 CT 0 0 No evidence of disease
11/05 0 Began 20 rounds of IMRT total abdominal radiation 0 0
12/05 0 0 0 Finished radiation. Last week combined with high dose chemotherapy
1/06 0 0 0 Developed fungus infection around port. Caused ARDS (adult respiratory distress syndrome)

Developed 3 different bacterial infections in hospital

1/21/06 0 0 0 Passed away from bacterial infections.



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