Britain or "Great Britain" if you prefer, is a group of islands consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The native language of the indigenous peoples is English. English has superior dialect of American spoken in the American colonies. But all British citizens are struck with a terrible, but yet comical, curse of funny accents. This is due to the creation of the Anglican Church when Henry VIII decided that he was the Pope and wanted a bunch of hot wives. Many odd British customs are due to Britain being an island, and almost all island people have the most ridiculous cultures.


The British flag symbolizes nothing. It just is a series of geometric lines.


This is the island nation of Britain isolated from civilization by 20 miles of water.

During Roman Empire

During the Roman Empire Britain was a place of savagesattacking the romans at any time. Except for the rich, the rich always seem to get to dress nicely. Also, the construction of Hadrian's Wall was started and finished to keep out hordes of tribes. That is really all that went on.

Middle Ages

Britain is the classic example for a country in the Middle Ages. Think about it. Every movie or play set in the Middle Ages, has all the characters with British accents. Even more proof of how Britain is key in history. There is also another important event in the Middle Ages; [The 100 Years War]]. Actually lasting over 110 years, the 100 Year's War had Britain against France. This was caused by arguments over land. So England sent over a lot of troops. But the scheming frogs had a trick up their sleeve; Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was a witch because she said she talked to God. Well if she did talk to God why didn't God help her when she was being burned at the stake? Also the longbow was first used in battle. Almost all knights hated it because people could just lob arrows at people, which in retrospect, is a good idea. But the French being French, decided to do a charge with infantry in full armor, up a muddy hill, with arrows raining down upon them. So as you can tell Britain was winning until Joan "the Witch" of Arc came along. So in the end France won. There was also in 1066 the Battle of Hastings, when William the Conquerer took over the royal throne of England. It was the only French victory in a war until Napolean came along. So all in all England was pretty good during the Middle Ages. Except for the plague. That was bad for everyone.

Everything Else

Afetr the Middle Ages Britain was doing pretty good. They had some good rulers like Henry VIII and [Elizabeth I]]. After a while Britain established an empire which come to be known as The British Empire.

Cool People of Britain's History


Henry VIII or aka "The Mackdaddy of Manchester"

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