Starting in 2013 for New British TV Series airing in the UK includes airing in USA and Canada. Like Full English on 5 Episodes (cause 1 Episode was not aired and this was canceled), Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad!, King of the Hill and South Park. Adult Animated Sitcom, Comedy, Surreal Humor and Satire.


  • Chirs Greenall
  • Holly Greenall
  • Samuel Greenall
  • Susan Greenall
  • Kirsty Greenall
  • Dennis MacButch
  • Maggie Stuart
  • Kylie Harrison
  • Alex Johnson
  • Kelly Newrow
  • Buster The Sheepdog (Talking Dog)
  • Farmer Johnson
  • Mr. Hill
  • Mrs Jones
  • Derek Victor
  • Paul Thompson
  • Douglas Andrews
  • Mr. Newrow
  • Eddy Ling
  • Mr. Straw
  • Nevillie Gillson


Starts Drawing and takes few weeks or few Mouths.

One Pilot without delay.

Season One

  1. Pilot
  2. School Day
  3. Bank to the Present
  4. My Little Girl's Nightmare
  5. The Gold Ticket Master
  6. Life Goes On Fearless
  7. Call of the Friends
  8. Party of Two
  9. Samuel's Night Out
  10. The King is a Hero
  11. Kylie at Your Service
  12. May the Best Teens Win!

Season Two

  1. Alex in Love
  2. Magical History Class
  3. Rich Up to the Sky
  4. Run, Dennis, Run
  5. Great Balls of Fire
  6. The Greenall Goes to USA
  7. Saving Treasure
  8. The Apple Seasons
  9. Don't Worry Kirsty
  10. Kelly's New Best Friend
  11. Maggie's Got Issues
  12. One Small Step for a Lady
  13. Follow Me, Swallow
  14. What a Joke
  15. Road to Scotland

Season Three

  1. Chris' Have his Dad
  2. Forgive Us, Please
  3. Over a Hill
  4. Princess vs the Queen
  5. Red Isn't Your Color
  6. Lesson Ten
  7. Too Fast, Too Slow
  8. Read It All About
  9. Holy Fire Hell!
  10. Never Stop Me Now
  11. Quest of Kirsty
  12. This is Stuart
  13. Family in Need

Season Four

  1. Just About Bloody Time
  2. You Only Love Twice
  3. Samuel After Dark
  4. Death is a Crap
  5. Maggie's Dreamland
  6. Road to France
  7. You Wish You Can Bet Me?
  8. Pirate Games
  9. Britain Guys Viewer Mail #1
  10. Ray of Darkness

Season Five

  1. Pretty Fish in the Sea
  2. Halloween Night
  3. Girls Do Cry
  4. I Dreamed About Jesus
  5. Excellent This is Chirstmas
  6. Circle of All
  7. Men to Men
  8. Just for Sidekicks Day
  9. One Bad Girl
  10. There's No Place in Hell
  11. Camp Ronald
  12. Baby Cakes are for Food
  13. Team Chris
  14. Deep Tense
  15. Don't Make Me Start
  16. Death Lives and Rises
  17. The Fattess Controller
  18. Holly's Mom is Coming
  19. Eddy has a New Job
  20. The Best Night Forever

Season Six

  1. Crap is Bad
  2. Poison's Bad for You
  3. Halloween Night II
  4. Samuel's Got a Award
  5. Fly By Planes
  6. Take A Chance
  7. Christmas Night Out
  8. Don't Judge Me!
  9. Stadium Stage
  10. School On Strike
  11. Daredevil Boys
  12. Chris vs Holly's Twin Sisters
  13. Road to Australia
  14. Deep Space Derek
  15. Newspaper Girl
  16. The Show Starters
  17. Funfair Special
  18. The Man with the Golden Pen
  19. The Crystal Colors
  20. Father Ned
  21. Ted in Change
  22. Long John Samuel

Season Seven

  1. Frence Guy
  2. Killer King
  3. Princess In Love
  4. Sir and Mate
  5. Samuel, Maggie and the Pretty Colors
  6. Might You Can Sword Your
  7. Mr.and Mrs Greenall
  8. Topsy Turvy World (100th Episode)
  9. Prayer of Jesus
  10. For Your Eyes Only for Once
  11. Somewhere Beyoned the Town
  12. Paul's Revenge
  13. 6 and the Half Grumpy Men
  14. Hurricane Susan
  15. Maggie Star
  16. Keep Calm and Green It On
  17. Doctor MacButch
  18. Change for the Express
  19. Legends is On
  20. Too Many Crazy Girls
  21. Britain Guys Viewer Mail #2
  22. The Duel of Class
  23. Life In the Seaside

Season Eight

  1. Flowers Are Dead
  2. Road To The World of Multverse
  3. When We Are Young
  4. A View to A Thrill
  5. Time Travel
  6. Christmas History

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