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Postdocs in the Humanities (2008)

California Lutheran University British Literature after 1660 Postmark Deadline: November 4 Interview scheduled by phone, 12/4 E-mail rejection 12/6 (4) Neither interview nor rejection 12/11

Colorado State U-Pueblo Pre-1800 British lit.

Gordon College (MA) British - Open "Open Unil Filled"

Nevada State College British and/or World Literature Review begins November 15

New Jersey City U British and World lit. Deadline 12/1 Deadline extended 1/15/08 Phone interviews set 2/11/08 EOE form received, 2/11, and that's why u's don't get enough such forms returned--send them out BEFORE lining up interviews. I got my EOE 1/16. Did you send your application after the deadline? How many of you have phone interviews if you don't mind me asking? Phone interviews counter: 1 Campus interview set 2/29. I am not the only one. I know that there were at least 3 campus interviews. They said they will decide in about 2 weeks.

Wright State (OH) "some period of British Literature" "Open until Filled"

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