• Allen as Thomas
  • Stephen as Edward
  • Scott as Henry
  • Sir Ralph as Gordon
  • Nigel as James
  • Gronk as Percy
  • Herbert as Toby
  • Hawk as Duck
  • Tavish and Steward as Donald and Douglas
  • Sea Rogus (From TUGS) as Oliver
  • Thompson as Diesel
  • Zip & Zug (From TUGS) as Bill & Ben
  • Sir Reginald (From Casey Jr & Friends) as BoCo
  • Carla (From Thoedore Tugboat) as Daisy
  • Alf as Stepney
  • Charlotte as Emily
  • Deltic as D261
  • Fowler's Ghost as Diesel 10
  • Two Scrap Engines as Splatter & Dodge
  • Brush & The Green Diesel as Arry & Bert
  • George as Harvey
  • Jerry as Arthur
  • Arthur as Murdoch
  • Britannia as Spencer
  • Holden as Salty
  • Samson as Neville
  • Geoffery as Stanley
  • The Scrap 9F as Hiro
  • Evening Star as City of Turo
  • Torando as Flying Scotsman
  • Ten Cents (From RWS) as Wilbert (From RWS)
  • Zak (From TUGS) as Sixteen (From RWS)
  • Diesel (From Thomas and Friends) as The Foregin Engine (From RWS)
  • Nantucket (From TUGS) as D199 (From RWS)
  • Johnny Cuba (From TUGS) as Old Stuck Up (From RWS)
  • Top Hat (From TUGS) as Mallard (From RWS)
  • The Duchess (From TUGS) as Duchess of Hamilton (From RWS)
  • Henry (From Thomas and Friends) as Green Arrow (From RWS)

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