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Thomas (Thomas/Garfield)

  • Thomas as Garfield
  • Lady as Arlene
  • Percy as Odie
  • Rebecca (from TTMA) as Nermal
  • Bertie as Orson
  • Eddie (from TTMA) as Jon Arbuckle
  • Patrick as Binky the Clown
  • Hamilton (from TTMS) as Bo
  • The Barber as The Cop
  • Gremlin as The Dog
  • Bash as Booker
  • Dash as Sheldon
  • Ferdinand as Harry
  • Den as Wade
  • Bertrum as Sir Roland
  • Gaston the Claw Engine as The Glitch Monster

Toad is Home Alone (Thomas/Home Alone)

  • Toad as Kevin
  • Rusty as Old Man Marley
  • Molly (from T&F/TMS) as Molly
  • Alaric (from RWS) as Alex
  • Diesel 10 as Peter Beaupre
  • Duncan as Unger
  • Nelson as Parrot
  • Gronk (from BRWS) as Doris
  • Mr. Percival as Peter McCalliaster
  • Mrs. Percival as Kate McCalliaster
  • Iron Bill as Harry
  • Iron Ben as Marv
  • Eilonwy the Beautiful Engine as Alice
  • Taran the Tank Engine as Mr. Jerrnigan

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