Engines (Thomas/Muppets)

  • Thomas as Kermit the Frog
  • Emily as Miss Piggy
  • Toby as Fozzie Bear
  • Rebecca (from TTMA) as Ma Bear
  • Percy as Rizzo
  • Oliver as Gonzo
  • Patrick as Ed
  • Hamilton (from TTMS) as Rentro
  • The Barber as Martin
  • Edward as Rowlf the Dog
  • Rusty as Janice
  • Madge as Zoot
  • Peter Sam as Dr. Teeth
  • Duncan as Animal
  • Bertrum as The Snowman

The Dark Crystal (Thomas/The Dark Crystal)

  • Duck as Jen
  • Molly as Kira
  • Old Slow Coach as Aughra
  • Smokey Joe (from TheBlueE2) as skekUng
  • Taro (from TTMA) as skekSil/The Chamberlain
  • Angus (from TTMA) as urSu the Master
  • Rick as skekTek
  • Bob (from Mad Bomber) as urSol
  • Bear (from RWS) as urTih
  • Dart as Fizzgig
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Skeksis

Lady in Labyrinth (Thomas/Labyrinth)

  • Lady as Sarah
  • Mitch (from T&F/TMS) as Robert
  • Digby (from JD41796) as Irene Williams
  • Bert (from RWS) as Hoggle
  • Nigel (from BRWS) as Ludo
  • Bridget Hatt as Toby
  • Joey (from JD41796) as King Jareth
  • Smudger as Stank
  • Arthur (from BRWS) as Sir Didymus