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Tiny Engine Adventures (Thomas/Tiny Toon Adventures)

  • Thomas as Buster Bunny
  • Lady as Babs Bunny
  • Percy as Plucky Duck
  • Rebecca (from TTMA) as Shirley the Loon
  • Bertie as Bugs Bunny
  • Eddie (from TTMA) as Daffy Duck
  • Patrick as Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Hamilton (from TTMS) as Hamton
  • The Barber as Sappy Stanley
  • Gremlin as Barky Marky
  • Bash as Danforth Drake
  • Dash as Roderick Rat
  • Ferdinand as Dizzy Devil
  • Den as Montana Max
  • Bertrum as Foghorn Leghorn

Animaniengines (Thomas/Animaniacs)

  • Skarloey as Yakko
  • Rheneas as Wakko
  • Aphrodite the Beautiful Engine as Dot
  • Emily as Hello Nurse
  • Alex (from T&F/TMS) as Dr. ScratchNSniff
  • The Stationmaster's Wife as The Teacher
  • Boulder as The Monster
  • The Big City Engine (from RWS) as Mr. Director
  • 87546/Evan (from RWS) as Baloney
  • P.T. Boomer as Stinkbomb
  • Tyler (from The BlueE2) as Mr. Plotz
  • Mike (from RWS) as Bumpo
  • Ned as Ralph
  • Henders (from T&F/TMS) as Buttons
  • Kevin as Skippy
  • Percy's Friend (from RWS) as Slappy
  • Dan and Dimbo (made up tender engine) as Pinky and the Brain

Freight Cars (Thomas/Gremlins)

  • Toad as Billy Peltzer
  • Rusty as Rand Peltzer
  • Molly (from T&F/TMS) as Kate Beringer
  • Alaric (from RWS) as Gizmo
  • Diesel 10 as Brain Gremlin
  • Duncan as Stripe
  • Nelson as Barney
  • Gronk (from BRWS) as Fred
  • Mr. Percival as Mr. Clamp

An Sodor Tail (Thomas/An American Tail)

  • Jerry (from T&F/TMS) as Fievel Mousekewitz
  • Ben (GWR) (from TTMA) as Tiger
  • Lorna (from T&F/TMS) as Wile. Burp
  • James as Cat R. Waul
  • Buster as Jimmy
  • Victor as Papa Mousekewitz
  • Jonathon (from TTMA) as Honest John
  • Earl (from Mad Bomber) as Moe
  • Duke as Tony Toponi

BoCo Jones (Thomas/Indiana Jones)

  • BoCo as Indiana Jones
  • Daisy as Marian Ravenwood
  • Ivan (from greasemonkeydb1) as Short Round
  • Suzy (from greasemonkeydb1) as Willie Scott
  • Nigel (from T&F/TMS) as Marcus Brody
  • Rosie as Dr. Elsa
  • Normandy (from TTMA) as Kazam
  • Fenchurch (from TTMA) as Chatter Lal
  • Sidney (from T&F/TMS) as Captain Blumburtt
  • Terence as Shaman
  • Andy Diesel (from Mad Bomber) as Major Arnold Thot
  • Lorry 1 as Rene Belloq
  • Lorry 2 as Mola Ram
  • Lorry 3 as Walter Donaven
  • Trisha (from greasemonkeydb1) as Nancy
  • Laura (from T&F/TMS) as Mrs. Donaven
  • Bruce (from greasemonkeydb1) as Young Indy
  • Douglas as Sallah
  • Diesel 11 as Irnia Spalko
  • Max as Colonel Detrich
  • Monty as Coloel Dachinko
  • Zicky #14 as Grace Jones
  • Tamlin the Magic Engine as Uncle Fred

Diesel (Thomas/Hook)

  • Oliver as Peter Banning
  • Flora the Quarry Engine (made up diesel engine) as Mrs. Banning
  • Sigrid of Alesdale as Wendy
  • Wilbert as Tootles
  • Hugh (from Sodor Railways) as Jack
  • Lady the Steam Tram (made up steam tram engine) as Moira
  • Diesel as Captain Hook
  • Belle the Beautiful Engine (made up magical engine) as Tinker Bell
  • Daniel (from Sodor Railways) as Mr. Smee
  • Troublesome Trucks as Pirates
  • The Green Trucks as The Lost Boys
  • Smudger as Rufio

The Trainstones Movie (Thomas/The Flintstones Movie)

  • Gordon as Fred
  • Heather as Wilma
  • Willy (from T&F/TMS) as Barney
  • Minnie the Tender Engine as Betty
  • Charlie as Dido
  • Baby Prince Adam the Great Western Engine as Bamm Bamm
  • Baby Belle the Magical Engine as Pebbles
  • Noel (from Mad Bomber) and Reginald (from AOS) as Two Man at the Table
  • Alfred (from Sodor Dark Times) as Cliff
  • Colin as Detica Bird
  • Cecil (from Sodor Dark Times) as Mr. Slate

Jack (Thomas/Casper)

  • Jack (Pack) as Casper
  • Isabella as Kathleen Kat Harvey
  • Heisler (from JD41796) as Andreas
  • Ron (from greasemonkeydb1) as Nicky
  • Captian Baxter (from RWS) as Paul Dibbs Plutzker
  • Tom Tipper as Dr. James Harvey
  • Tom Tipper's Wife as Amelia Harvey
  • Arry as Stretch
  • Bert as Stinky
  • Big Mac (from TUGS) as Fatso
  • Mallard (from cactus190706) as Carrgain

Henry (Thomas/Shrek)

  • Henry as Shrek
  • Stanley the American Narrow Gauge Engine (from Sodor Railways) as Donkey
  • Donald as Merlin
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Lord Farquaad
  • Dr. Beeching (from T&F/TMS) as Dragon
  • 16 (from RWS) as Magic Mirror
  • Lord Harry (from RWS) as Monsieur Hood
  • Eagle (from RWS) as Pinocchio
  • Green Arrow (from RWS) as Geppetto
  • Duchess of Hamilton (from RWS) as Old Woman
  • Iron Duke (from RWS) as Gingerbread Man
  • 31120 (from RWS) as Puss 'n' Boots
  • Elizabeth as Princess Fiona

Monster Shed (Thomas/Monster House)

  • Duck as DJ
  • Molly as Jenny
  • Old Slow Coach as Constance
  • Smokey Joe (from TheBlueE2) as Monster House
  • Taro (from TTMA) as Mr. Nibbercracker
  • Angus (from TTMA) as Toy Monkey
  • Rick as Bones
  • Bob (from Mad Bomber) as Skulls
  • Bear (from RWS) as Chowder
  • Dart as Basketball
  • Albert (from RWS) as DJ's Dad
  • Bluebell (from RWS) as DJ's Mom
  • Primrose (from RWS) as The Little Girl
  • Jem Cole as Police Cop I
  • The Mayor of Sodor as Police Cop II
  • Troublesome Trucks as Toys and Bullies

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