Brittany Anne Byrnes (born July 31, 1987) is an Australian Actress, Singer, Screenwriter, Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Children's Author, Songwriter, Puppeteer, Writer and Voice Actress. Her notable acting roles are Babe the Pig and Emily Hoggett in the 1995 Musical Babe and Emily, Danielle in the Madeline Franchise, Natasha Green in the 2005 TV film Little Oberon and Nona in Sesame Street.

Personal Life

Brittany was born in Australia and trained in all aspects of dance at the Bradshaw Dancers Performing Arts Academy from the age of 4. She attended Terra Sancta College in Quaker Hill, a suburb of Sydney during her High School years. She also went to the Children's Television Workshop to perform on Sesame Street with Jim Henson.

She has been acting, writing and singing since she was 7, when she played her first leading roles, both of Emily and Babe in the smash hit Musical Comedy movie Babe and Emily and wrote scenes with the Count. She appeared in her first Animated Film Madeline: Lost in Paris where she played Danielle. She would win an Academy Award for Best Esemble Cast with the Child Actors and Actresses.

Her first Animated Show was Madeline, where she played Danielle and became a writer since 1995. She would never stop writing Episodes and Songs for Madeline appearing in Madeline as various Characters. She won her first Emmy Award in 1995.

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