Brittany and The Looney Balloons is a fan-fiction TV show created by Pikachufreak.


  • The Show resolves on Brittany (from Same Old Song and Dance) she had two Igglybuff named Gigglybiff and Gigglybuff, her friends Lily (from Hocus Pokemon) and Naomi (from Lapras of Luxury) and her little sister Maria. The show premiered on April 19, 2003 and is renewed for a tenth season which will premiere on April 21, 2012.


  1. Brittany
  2. Gigglybiff and Gigglybuff
  3. Maria
  4. Lily
  5. Naomi
  6. Mario
  7. Luigi
  8. Yoshi


Season 1 (2003-2004)

1. Balloons Have A Penpal

Plot: Brittany plans to promote the Loony Balloons after getting kicked out of the post office. They then meet Naomi for the first time.

2. I Always Met The Balloony Lady

Plot: Brittany and Naomi meet Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Soon, Brittany becomes obsessed with her new telephone.

3. Brittany Berry and the Balloon Factory

Plot: Brittany meets up with Jigglypuff and Clefairy. She then cancels Naomi's birthday outdoors due to a thunderstorm, so she makes a new place: The Balloon factory. There they meet Brittany's grandfather, who works there.

4. Don't Judge a Book by its Pokemon

Plot: Naomi is learning how to jaywalk, Brittany wants to go to Japan, so Mario makes her one. There, she meets Bulbasaur, who was busy preparing for a festival where everyone wears kimonos. Soon, Brittany tries out a kimono for herself. Naomi decides to write a book about Bulbasaurs wearing a kimonos when she heard the news.

5. The Girl who becomes Pretty Woman

Plot: Brittany meets Lily for the first time. Lily just came from the Build-a-Squirtle workshop with her new Princess Squirtle, however she drops a brick on her foot. She refuses to play football when she is forced to by Naomi, so she ends up walking on crutches. She gets a new dress so her crutches can become fashionable.

6. I Wonder Why Lily is disliked

Plot: Lily wants to join the "Mermaid Fairy Tales Club", but they won't let her in. She tells Brittany that Naomi threw up on her bed, so Brittany and the Loony Balloons sing, "A friend is all you need".

7. Naomi: Honey with Money

Plot: Naomi wants to win the lottery, however, she only has $300. She wants $700. So when an earthquake hits her house, she pays back $100. Brittany decides to help her win the lottery by paying $50 to each poor child. Naomi wins and gets a tiara for her head.

Season 2 (2004-2005)

Season 3 (2005-2006)

Season 4 (2006-2007)

Season 5 (2007-2008)

Season 6 (2008-2009)

Season 7 (2009-2010)

Season 8 (2010-2011)

Season 9 (2011-2012)

Season 10 (2012-2013)

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