Brock's First Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.

Plot of this movie

  • The movie starts with Brock waking up on a perfect 7:00am. He wakes his siblings Forrest, Salvadore, Yolanda, Tommy, Cindy, Suzie, Timmy, Billy and Tilly up and they all rush to breakfast where Reiko and Flint have made waffles. After eating them, Brock and his siblings head outside and Brock meets Rio. The two sing One As Always. In Erika's room, she had just put her normal outfit on and she slips on her red high heeled pumps. Waking Molly Hale up, she goes along the garden and plants the flowers at a normal pace. In Goku's room, he is listening to Rock The Dragon when Ace Bunny and Doug Funnie arrive. The two explain that Martin Mystery and Kwame are having a celebration and they all head for the room, not noticing Buzz and Delete. In Suzy and Pietra's room, they are dressed perfectly in their normal outfits and together they sing We Love To Be Awesome in a duet. In Kagome's room, she had been dressed in her Raye Hino outfit and opaque red pantyhose and she calls Sota. In Lakoko's room, she admires herself in the mirror while brushing up. In Sylphiel's room, she is seen practicing sword tactics. In Yurika and Hikaru's room, the two Nadesico girls are playing This Little Piggy while wearing their opaque pink pantyhose. In Zack's room, he and Ivy are doing dance practice when The Chief appears and tells them that Carmen Sandiego is on the loose and the two spring into action. In Sakura Avalon's room, she and Kero are watching Girls In Pink Tights when Tori and Loraine appear and they tell them that they need some good foot training. Sakura Avalon then admits that Loraine is perfectly dressed as Lorelei and that she is now wearing glasses. In Chi Chi's room, she and Lexi Bunny are busy doing exercises when Patti, Jenni Anderson and Gi arrive. The three explain that Marth, Ike, Hojo, Roger M. Klotz, Madara and Akito are doing some expert lessons. In Vegeta's room, he and Bulma are busy doing some flamenco and singing Ole To Everyone By Flamenco. In Alex O'Connell's room, he and Dana Tan are busy on a date. In Judy Funnie's room, she and Raphael learn how to cook. Back outside, Brock and Rio meet up with Rio's girlfriend Ellie. She explains that the costume party is starting. Back at home, Goku, Ace and Doug meet Martin and Kwame and the five perform The Call in a quintuple choir. At Li Showron's room, he is dancing to Living On A Prayer when he receives a call from Sakura. She tells him that the costume party is about to start and he hurries outside. Back in Suzy and Pietra's room, they are busy doing some toenail polishing to make their toes pretty. Then back in Yurika and Hikaru's room, they have enjoyed playing This Little Piggy when they decide to watch some movies. That night, the costume party begins and Brock sings What A Life. However, the party is cut short when Buzz and Delete appear. Irma Lair and Tinker make an appearance and tell Brock to be brave. The Pewter Gym Leader did and defeats his enemies. After that, the movie finishes with Erika kissing Brock on his cheek for saving the costume party.


  1. Brock
  2. Forrest
  3. Salvadore
  4. Yolanda
  5. Tommy
  6. Cindy
  7. Suzie
  8. Timmy
  9. Billy
  10. Tilly
  11. Reiko
  12. Flint
  13. Rio
  14. Erika
  15. Molly Hale
  16. Goku
  17. Ace Bunny
  18. Doug Funnie
  19. Martin Mystery
  20. Kwame
  21. Buzz
  22. Delete
  23. Suzy
  24. Pietra
  25. Kagome Higurashi
  26. Sota Higurashi
  27. Lakoko
  28. Sylphiel
  29. Yurika
  30. Hikaru
  31. Zack
  32. Ivy
  33. The Chief
  34. Sakura Avalon
  35. Tori Avalon
  36. Loraine
  37. Chi Chi
  38. Lexi Bunny
  39. Patti Mayonnaise
  40. Jenni Anderson
  41. Gi
  42. Marth
  43. Ike
  44. Hojo
  45. Roger M. Klotz
  46. Madara
  47. Akito
  48. Vegeta
  49. Bulma
  50. Alex O'Connell
  51. Dana Tan
  52. Judy Funnie
  53. Raphael
  54. Ellie
  55. Li Showron
  56. Irma Lair
  57. Tinker


  1. One As Always
  2. We Love To Be Awesome
  3. Ole To Everyone
  4. The Call
  5. Living On A Prayer
  6. What A Life

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