Brock is one of Ash's best friends, the Pewter City Gym Leader, the love interest of Erika and the worst fear of Tea Gardner appearing in the 1998 Pokémon anime. He has spiky brown hair and eyes shut. In the original series, his outfit is composed of:. In the Hoenn saga, his outfit is composed of:. In the Sinnoh saga, his outfit is composed of:. He is voiced by Eric Stuart in the first eight seasons, and by Bill Rogers as in the ninth season. At his age, he is 15 years old.


  • Reiko (Mother)
  • Flint (Father)
  • Forrest, Salvador, Tommy, Billy, and Timmy (Brothers)
  • Yolanda, Cindy, Suzy and Tilly (Sisters)
  • Erika (Love Interest)
  • Temacu (Worst Fear)
  • Seto Kaiba (Rival)
  • Roxanne Rock (Childhood Friend)
  • Tea Gardner (Biggest Fan)
  • Zuzu Boyle (Biggest Foe)


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