Brock is the main protagonist of Pokemon. He has brown hair and eyes closed. His outfit from the original series consists of: an orange and green shirt with short sleeves, brown jeans and blue and white sneakers. In his wedding with Erika, his wedding outfit consists of: a white tuxedo with long sleeves and a red bowtie, white pants and white shoes.


  • Reiko (Mother)
  • Flint (Father)
  • Forrest (Younger Brother)
  • Salvadore (Younger Brother)
  • Yolanda (Younger Sister)
  • Tommy (Younger Brother)
  • Cindy (Younger Sister)
  • Suzie (Younger Sister)
  • Timmy (Younger Brother)
  • Billy (Younger Brother)
  • Tilly (Younger Sister)
  • Erika (Wife)
  • Wendy Marvell (Daughter)


  • Proposing to girls.
  • Hanging out with Erika.
  • Cooking food.


  • Being bothered by Zack.
  • Getting dragged away by either Misty or Alex Davis.
  • Getting rejected.

Counterparts (The Pokemon Adventures/World of Doki Version)