Fantasy Booker Game

High Performance Wrestling

Second draft pick by Wehmer.


2nd Week - Month 1, Round 1 of the HPW Title Tournament: v Rob Van Dam (win, via countout after Verdict on the outside)

3rd Week - Month 1, Round 2 of the HPW Title Tournament: v Edge (win, via pinfall, after Edge attempted to leave the ring, but AJ Styles sent him back, to be hit by The Verdict for the three count)

4th Week - Month 1, Tag Match featuring the four finalists in the HPW Title Tournament: with Kevin Nash, v The Undertaker and Dave Batista (match ended in a no contest)

Meltdown (Match 1 of 2), Semi Final of the HPW Title Tournament: v Dave Batista (win, pinfall. The referee was bumped in the match, and Batista got a chair. Montel Vontavious Porter, who had been cheated out of a match with Batista, attacked him and sent him into the ring, to get hit with a Verdict and pinned).

Meltdown (Match 2 of 2), Final of the HPW Title Tournament: v Kevin Nash (win, via pinfall. Hard match, ending with a big Verdict).

1st Week - Month 2, Six Man Tag Match: with Montel Vontavious Porter and AJ Styles v Dave Batista, Edge and Kevin Nash (win, via pinfall. The match took a turn for the worse as the superstars in the match filled the ring after Lesnar hit a Verdict on Batista. Lesnar pinned Batista amid the confusion, only to be attacked soon afterwards).


  • As of Week 1, Month 2, Brock Lesnar is yet to be defeated
  • Brock Lesnar is the first, only and current HPW Champion
  • Main Evented the first HPW Pay-Per-View


  • HPW Champion


  • The Verdict

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