1. Bron as Adult Hercules
  2. Littlefoot's Mother as Megara
  3. Pat as Phil
  4. T-Rex (Albert Asks) as Adult Pegasus
  5. Sour Susan as Terpsichore the Muse
  6. Ozzie as Panic
  7. Horrid Snake as Hydra
  8. Dara Corythosaurus Young Simba Iguanodon Sue Dweeb as Thebans
  9. Grandma Longneck as Hera
  10. Strut as Pain
  11. Moody Margaret as Clio the Muse
  12. Blue Dromaeosaurus (The Land Before Time) as Lachesis the Fate
  13. Aladar as Amphytryon
  14. Singing Soraya as Thalia the Muse
  15. Big Daddy the Tinysauruses as Penelope the Donkey
  16. Grandpa Longneck as Zeus
  17. Neera as Alcmene
  18. T-Rex (Fantasia) as Hades
  19. Doc the Lone Dinosaur as Demetrius the Pot Maker
  20. Baby Chomper as Baby Pegasus
  21. Gorgeous Gurinder as Melpomene the Muse
  22. Littlefoot as Young Hercules
  23. Sharptooth (character) as Neuss
  24. Dinosaurs (The Simpsons) as Olympian Gods
  25. Rabbit (Lost in The Snow) & Simon Squrriel as Pain & Panic's Animals
  26. Light Green Dromaeosaurus (The Land Before Time) as Clotho the Fate
  27. Baby Littlefoot as Baby Hercules
  28. Dinosaurs & Flyers as Townpeople
  29. Lazy Linda as Calliope the Muse
  30. Guido the Flyer as Hermes
  31. Lucky Louisa & Happy Hilary as Pain & Panic's Kids
  32. Saro as Meg's Boyfriend
  33. Dinosaurs (Fantasia) Greek Souls
  34. Sharpteeths & Fast Biters as Titans
  35. Gorgosaurus (The Land Before Time) as Wilder Pig
  36. Shorty as Townsfolk
  37. Dark Blue Utahraptor (The Land Before Time) as Atropos the Fate
  38. Velociraptor (Albert Asks) as Pain & Panic's Horse
  39. Spinosaurus (The Land Before Time) as Cyclops
  40. Grasshopper (The Lion King) as Green Incest

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