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  • Vode An | Brother’s All has a new home on the proboards network. We opened the forum for posting in November ’06, so come check it out. We offer discussion on a multitude of topics, ranging from Star Wars, to gaming, to graphics, to much, much more! We seek to gain member of all type and backgrounds!
    • We have a bigger, more active forum than v1. Skins have been changed every few weeks, but the one we have now, ‘Star Wars Galaxies’, has been a favorite, and we’ve decided to keep it only with minor changes here and there.
    • We have opened new forums and fit the RP Boards into three separate categories.
  • To go along with everything Star Wars, we’ve also got a HoloMusic display at the top welcome table for members to jam to songs from Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Linkin Park, Rascal Flatts, Hilary Duff, and more. Jam out to some good songs as you browse the community, RolePlay, or just hang out.
  • We offer a thread just for people who are artistically inclined. Vode An has graphics artists willing to help out the others. The main GA is the administrator, Force_Flow, so feel free to ask for any tips, or maybe even a signature.
  • Alyva’s Equipment Emporium is a shop for members to trick out their profiles with credits earned from posting. Alyva is nice and respectful, and she’ll help out with anything she has power to do so, so don’t be afraid to ask her a ‘dumb’ question.
  • In the beginning, we had almost a member a day. Now, it has decreased tremendously. Activity is also a problem, but we’re sure that once school’s out, Vode An | Brother’s All will be a part of the best communities on the web. Brother’s All, where creativity and temporary insanity are welcome!

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