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             Words: Now this the spoof coming soon to YouTube Brother Bear 1 (CityMaker Style) Starring the charecters of Quick Draw McGraw...
             Quick Draw McGraw: To the Rescue, Ector.
             Words: Yogi Bear...
             Yogi Bear: Boo Boo. Here comes Ector.
             Words: Boo Boo.
             Boo Boo Bear: Hi, Yogi.
             Words: and Hokey Wolf.
             Hokey Wolf: Don't catch me.
             Words: Now they're teaming up with Top Cat...
             (Sir Ector screams)
             Words: Widow Tweed and Robin Hood.
             (Sir Ector laughs)
             Words: Toghether the 7 friends are taking on Sir Ector in they're best adventure ever.
             Sir Ector: Nooooooooo.
             Words: Join Yogi, Boo Boo, Quick Draw & Hockey on their adventure. to reveal the bear scecret to make Yogi back to Flynn

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