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The Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An is a large Evil Organization in the Official BZPower Text-Based RPG,(BZPRPG)whose most notable aspect is the summoning of undead forces through use of Purple Lightstone.


The Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An was created by member Evangelion Unit-04 in early January, of the year 2006. It originally started with one character following the Archangel of undeath, Ak'Rei'An. The first two members were Aegis Zakris, a powerful rahkshi, and Verak Sunslayer one of the only remaining Nogans (Nogans were created by Nidhiki99, as were Verak, Varya, Verxa, and Dara)

Verak and Aegis worked together to carve a temple in a cavern made of Purple Lightstone, later called Darkmine.

Later Varya, and Verxa arrived on Terros-Nui and joined Ak'Rei'An.

Sidorahk, and Kav, creations of Vak the toa of Myths, joined Ak'Rei'An's cause.

More and more members joined, including Kroth, Tarten and Tron until the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An was formed, with temples spread across Onu-Terros, Ga-Terros, and Po-Terros.

Om (created by ~VF~) and Rakatan (created by Raptor), new members, also part of the Navy. They are highly trained killers. And proud Ak'Rei'An members. Om is seeking the anciet artifact's known as The Orbs of Power, to bring honor to himself and power to the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An.

List of Temples

List of Members and Ranks



Air Force

Other Members (Unknown placement)

  • Etheroi (He hasn't joined yet)
  • Nhahhu (Advisor to Ak'Rei'An)
  • Serc (No rank as of yet)

Future Characters


Also make sure of your rank by PMing your leader or else there will be !!!!extreme!!!! punishments! (i.e. GDoT (Airforce) Osmund (Army) or Nid99 (Navy))


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