In the universe of Empire of the Solar Throne, there are brown dwarf stars plus a number of sunless rogue planets (lacking a star to orbit around) that have been targets of colonization via time-dilation-equipped starships (see Spaceships in Empire of the Solar Throne) since the Third Era (see timeline of Empire of the Solar Throne). All brown dwarfs and rogue planets list here are located within five light years of Earth. The government of the Solar Throne generally lacks any political control over any colonies or populations in these areas.


This is a pair of sunless rogue planets that orbit each other and are located 0.9 light years from Earth. The local economy is based upon mining of gold and platinum, the growth of genetically enhanced apples, oranges, and other mutant fruits in hydroponic gardens with infrared light; and gambling (which attracts tourists from the Empire of the Solar Throne and other foreign powers). The government of the Therabraxis worlds is in the hands of a Ruling Council composed of human hereditary aristocrats with three A.I. computers as permanent advisors to the Council.


This is a brown dwarf star between the Alpha Centauri star system and Earth's solar system about 2.9 light years from Earth. Quorious has three planets: one dominated by A.I. machines, one by natural-born humans, and the third by clones (both human and human-animal hybrids). The brown dwarf also has a number of smaller satellites, essentially asteroids, which are the target of conflicts between the three main worlds. The humans and animal-human hybrids of Quorious thrive economically by breeding mutant animals and plants created via genetic engineering, which are traded with foreign merchants in a system of interstellar trade.


This is yet another sunless rogue planet, this time about five light years from Earth. It is the home of a religious sect of monotheistic fundamentalists who regard A.I. for robots and computers, the creation of human-animal hybrids, and cloning of humans as an affront to the one "true" God of the universe. The human population of Kius is natural born, of course. Sometimes, the people of Kius go into foreign space to convert other humans, sometimes leading to violence. The Kius sect is officially banned within the Empire of the Solar Throne.


This is a star system 3.4 light years from Earth composed of two brown dwarfs that orbit each other with a third brown dwarf star orbiting the other two. Orbiting all three stars are a single planet and hundreds of asteroids, with icy comets and ice-and-rock asteroids in a belt at the edge of the entire Sikkus star system. The Sikkus planet is home to a cult of polytheistic worshippers who worship their planet, the Sikkus brown dwarf stars, and other stars as physical manifestations of various living gods. The population of Sikkus is composed of both humans (baseline, natural born, genetically altered, and/or cloned) and animal-human hybrids. There is no religious prejudice against robots and computers having A.I. though most such machines in the Sikkus system lack true intelligence. The Sikkus faith also teaches a belief in a divine Supreme God who created the universe via the Big Bang billions of years ago and in the reincarnation of souls into new bodies. The Sikkus religion has slowly spread to other solar systems and even into the Empire of the Solar Throne, where it sometimes is combined with the cults that worship the ruler sitting on the Solar Throne as a divine ruler.


This is a sunless rogue planet with a single moon 2.7 light years from Earth. Both Tiuslar and it's moon are governed by an A.I. computer called Prime Machine that controls an army of millions of robots (who have limited A.I. of their own but are strictly controlled by Prime Machine). Prime Machine also governs a population of millions of organic clones (both humans and animal-human hybrids). The economy of Tiuslar is based upon the raising of genetically enhanced animals and plants that are traded with foreign merchants in interstellar trade for both raw materials and manufactured goods. Prime Machine also has an organization called the Order of Tiuslar Seekers, composed of robots, humans, and animal-human hybrids that go out and seek knowledge of the greater universe. On rare occasions, there have been armed conflicts between Tiuslar and Kius over the former's use of cloning, genetic engineering, and A.I. The fact that atheism, agnosticism, and deism (see Religion in Empire of the Solar Throne) are predominate and even encouraged by Prime Machine further enrages the fundamentalists of Kius.

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