Bruno is a Japanese anime series created by Fuji Television and animated by Anima Estudios. The show was popularized in Mexico with the title Bruno y los Bananamigos with the original cast of the syndicated cartoon series, El Chavo del Ocho and popularized in the United States with the title Bruno in the Banana Bunch featuring voices by famous actors. The cartoon was a success through the Spanish and English versions and has been popular through the internet. Bill Burnett (of Chalkzone) contributed the music score of both versions.

The second season premiered in April 7, 2012 featuring a brand new opening sequence and a new theme song for both English and Spanish variations. The Japanese version's theme song still remains. The series was on it's fifth season premiering with the new episode "Que Bonita Navidad" (Nice Christmas in English) and featuring a brand new darkened color shade for the character's animations.

The sixth season premiered in June 26, 2012 produced by Howling Cat Productions on English dubbing and American marketing, changing the aspects of the running gags. Mike Judge left the series to continue producing the 2011 revival of Beavis and Butthead, kicking his characters' out. Doug Erholtz left the series due to other scheduling conflicts causing Jhack to leave in the episode "Bon Voyage". Tom Kenny couldn't come back due to production with SponeBob SquarePants, replacing his roles with Kirk Thorton who does various bits in the show. The Aquabats also had to do their own show production so they made less appearances. Janice Kawaye also had other plans causing Ami to make less appearances.

It was announced in Mona Marshall's formspring that the sixth season would be the show's last, due to the loss number of actors. Before the finale aired, ten already-made episodes and two American-produced episodes aired to promote the show ending on The Hub. A series finale known as "Hola Tangamandapio/Bruno Moves" aired Part 1 on October 2, 2012 which featured the return of Lippington Charles, Pierre, Lucky and Cleokin after that. Part 2 has officially aired in October 4, 2012 officially ending the series. Past characters Tammy, Viktor, Antonio, Warren and Sid also appeared to say goodbye. Sid does not speak in this episode.

A special thanks was made in the credits for the episode "Big Fight". This episode's credits says "Special Thanks: Jesus, Jules, Elizabeth, Mona" referencing a congratulation who had voiced Bruno prior of the series' production and the series' entire run; Jesus Guzman (Spanish actor for Bruno, who also voiced a backgrounder in the episode), Jules de Jong (Bruno's pilot voice actor), Elizabeth Dailey (original voice actor for Bruno and new voice actor for Antonio) and Mona Marshall (current voice for Bruno).

Even though the series has ended, five shorts featuring Bruno playing basketball on a blank screen, animated by Anima Estudios, is shown. It has been revealed that the Bruno series is being revived due to popular interests but instead of Little Tokymexico, the setting will take place in Upsidedowntown. Also, original characters will be included although some from the show will also appear. The new spin-off is called Las pequenas aventuras de Bruno (The Little Adventures of Bruno) which aired on Canal 5 on October 9, 2012. On November 28, 2012, The Dubbing House sold the rights to HiT Entertainment giving the spin-off an English language version premiering on The Hub as well and Cookie Jar TV. Mona Marshall is the only actor from the original series reprising her role. Also, music video have appeared at the end, animated in Rough Draft Korea Co. in America with the music videos being in English (not available in Japan or Mexico) featuring new original songs. Although, the music videos rarely appear.

Starting from the picked up second season, animator Tom Rugger joins the production team and changes the English production to make it more of an Hannah-Barbera production. The show was split into three segments similar to that of an average HB cartoon series. The first segment is the Bruno segments stating at the school with the teachers' of Tangamandapio, the second segment is the revival of 1960s' production Secret Squirrel with Jess Harnell as the lead character and the third segment is a revival of old 1990s' CN series, 2 Stupid Dogs, with Donovan Cook returning to the production. Those two segments were not seen in the original Spanish airing but some reruns adds the segments in dubbed Spanish. On some occasions, the Bruno segment would either star Don Roman's children (voice of Animaniacs' Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille) or white-blood cell and cold pill Osmosis Jones & Drix Koldriff (voice of Phil LaMarr and Jeff Bennett, replacing Chris Rock and David Pierce respectively).


The show is about a young teenager named Bruno who was an ex-cobbler that turns into a famous street performer, known for his circus clown acts and pantomime talents. Each episode consists of two 12-minute episodes, accompanied at the end by a music video sung by the cast (was not included in the Japanese version but was Spanish dubbed in the Spanish version). Many running gags is that during Bruno's shinanigans, he would cause pain to others, he would misunderstand Ami's Japanese dialogue, call people names including a scene showing them as the names they were called and involving Bruno fighting. The cartoon's theme song in the first season was called "Bruno y los Bananamigos" and was later English dubbed. The show's second season featured brand new opening sequences and a new theme song, from El Chavo. The show takes place in Little Tokymexico, a utopia-like vecinidad neighborhood that is based on Little Tokyo and Mexican barrios in which the customs and cultural references are both Japanese and Mexican. The text in the series in the English version are Japanese, Spanish and English. The neighborhood's slogan is: "Combination of Hispanic and Oriental culture". The main foods that are served in the series are ichiraku ramen, sushi, ham tortas, souvlaki, tacos, sashimi and other Asian and Spanish foods. There is a lightrail train in the town called "Conjunction Junction", based on the song from Schoolhouse Rock! where it connects the two points of the town to both Tokyo, Japan and Mexico City, Mexico. Some of the characters speak Spanish and English. Minimum characters speak Japanese and some of Asian descent or Japanese ethnic speak fluent Japanese. The cartoon is known for it's diversity of races involving sharement of Mexican customs, Japanese cultures and Americanism.

A movie, animated by Fujiko Television and Anima Estudios with Warner Bros. Animation was made titled Buruno to Kobura/Bruno y el Zapatero ("Bruno's Big Movie" in English version). The movie featured all Spanish, Japanese and English voice cast reprising their roles in the movie. The movie is about Bruno defeating an evil wizard from stealing three lucky golden balls. In the movie, Bruno does not have any spoken dialogue in the newly made scenes, except for the end. Most of the scenes in the movie are recycled clips from episodes. The movie only aired in the internet on Youtube.

A television movie titled "Rio de Bruno" was made from Anime Estudios and Fujiko Television. The cartoon features Spanish, Portruguese and Japanese voices, including the English speaking characters. The movie is a parody of the CGI movie "Rio", even sporting the "Real in Rio" song. The film is about Bruno finding his ancestor's jewel located in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in which his ancestors were raised. The actors are mostly Japanese, Brazillian or Hispanic ethnic to match the cartoon. Seiyuus were included. The guests are George Lopez,, Jeff Garcia, Carlos Alazraqui, Antonio Banderas, Ricky Martin and mostly starring activist Dolores Huertes as Angelina, Bruno's female ancestor. The point to add Asian characters to the movie was since Little Tokymexico featured a Hispanic and Asian population, Brazil in the show should feature Japanese immigrants as well. The movie was made as Warner Bros. Animation sold the American markets to Howling Cat Productions.

The animation has changed in the sixth season in Anima Estudios due to the revival of the animated El Chavo syndicated cartoon series. Like the English version, the Spanish version has changed alot. Victor Delgado's roles were replaced with Sebastian Llapur as he retired from voice acting. Also, in his season, Bruno loses all of his nails and his occupation as a street performer (although he still keeps his appearance). The sixth season, as it is going to be the show's last, will feature some elements from the El Chavo del Ocho series.

The series ended in October 4, 2012 with a two-part episode "Bruno Moves" (Hola Tangamandapio in the original Spanish version) which reveals Bruno's real parents and that he was born in Upsidedowntown. At the episode, many past characters that have been removed through the series run has returned for that episode, most of them replaced with different actors. Also, the original 1971 El Chavo theme song was played at the end, along with a remix between the 1971 and 2006 El Chavo theme songs for the credits.


  • Hector Juan Cornelius "Bruno" Julio Cortez: Voiced by Ari Orikasa (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Mona Marshall (English). A Mexican-American (part Brazillian in the 2nd movie) 12-year old teenager who gave up working as a cobbler and became a street performer in the circus and performing as a mime. He is distinctivly known for the nails in his mouth which he almost never removes, even talking with them, due to being a cobbler, similar to Tack from the Theif and the Cobbler. Because of his mime talents, he can make any imaginary and/or invisible objects he mimes into reality (example, he mimes making a skateboard and an actual skateboard appears after he was done building). His main weapon is the Mimepault, which involves grabbing one of his tacks and flings it at the exact target with an invisible slingshot (or rubberband), although the tack flies out of nowhere, the tack appears back on Bruno's mouth with no explination. In the Spanish version, he is most talkative while in the English version and Japanese version, he speaks less but makes wise-cracking remarks in later scenes until the second season. He is nicknamed "Chavitio" in the Spanish version. In the Japanese version, he has three nails instead of two but it was painted out since the Spanish and English version requires the character to have a speaking role. He always have a craving for ham tortas, a popular kind of sandwich in Mexico and souvlakia, a popular gyro-like food in Greece. He also tends to like empanadas, chocolate cake and chicken soup. When he is not as a performer, in a rarely basics, he has dark skin, sports a Mexican brown poncho, wears a red shirt, jeans and wears sandals opposed to his sneakers. In the pilot episode, Jules de Jong voiced him in the English version. In the Japanese version, his catchphrase is "Hai hai hai", opposed to the Spanish version where it's "Eso, eso, eso" (of El Chavo fame) and the English version where it's "Yeah Yeah Yeah". One of the episodes actually features him singing in Japanese to Ami which was "Sukiyaki" sung by Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto in 1963. In the final season, he loses the tacks in his mouth and ditches the "street performer" gimic allowing him to speak correctly and to have more action. At the third season of the spinoff, he has taken a new identidy of a superhero athletic elf named Íþrottaálfurinn (Icelandic: Sports Elf/Sportacus), an athletic elf wearing an orange hat, a 10 blue T-shirt, green pants and elf shoes who is able to do high gymnastics and acrobatic skills and other exercising skills. His design was later changed in future episodes to look more like Magnus Scheving's character Sportacus from children's TV show, LazyTown. His name is pronounced as hazar-ring instead of the true Icelandic pronounciation and is known as The Sports Elf in the English dub. Also, in the English dub version, he is more displayed as a human superhero than an elf. During the courses of Bruno in Spain and the episodes of the third season, he has adapted an anti-hero bad boy rebel persona named Louie Rocko with a bad attitude in John Travolta attire in Japanese style. Louie Rocko's main appearance was in "Rebel without a Nail" (basing off the movie "Reben without a Cause"). Senor Hurtado is the only person alongside Ami and Jhack who knows that Bruno is both Íþrottaálfurinn and Louie Rocko.
  • Maruko/Jhack Lemon: Voiced by Meiko Nakamura (Japanese), Mario Castaneda (Spanish), Steve Valentine (English, Season 1), Doug Erholtz (English, Season 2) and Andrew Rannells (English, Spinoff). A British-American singer who is based on The Beatles' leader, John Lennon and is a rock star musician. His name, Jhack, means that he's of Hispanic descent as he also can understand popular character Condorito (crossover Bruno and Condorito). He can understand Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and Yiddish. He was a minor role in the first season but made succesful appearances throughout the second season, replacing Lippington. Jhack revealed that he learned how to speak fluent Japanese by attending the Sashimichurro program run by Mrs. Yoshida (Ami's mother), which Ami helped to improve on his Japanese vocabulary. He is nicknamed "Ichigo" by his mother, "Tesoro" in the Spanish version and "Muffin" in the English version. Jhack was also a part-time magician who learned the tricks from his deceased NAVY soldier father. Steve gave him a heavy British accent in the first season but toned the accent down in the second season due to being a British steroetype and the accent was completley removed due to changing Jhack's character style, causing Valentine to get fired and hiring Erholtz as the voice of Jhack. Jhack can also play guitar, referencing Steve's previous role in "I'm in the Band". Jhack vanished in the sixth season due to Erholtz focusing on other projects. Mrs. Lemon stated that he left to live with his grandmother stating that he can't stand the lowlives anymore. Jhack appeared in some scenes in the spin-off as a spirit guardian helping Bruno. When the spin-off was English produced, Andrew Rannells voiced Jhack replacing Doug Erholtz since The Dubbing House USA sold the English production to HiT Entertainment. In the second season of the spin-off series, his appearance has changed with a brand new look to ook similar to that of John Lennon during the 1970s through his death.
  • Eiichi Kite/Lippington Charles: Voiced by Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese), Sebastian Llapur (Spanish), Corbin Bleu (English, S1-S2) and Hugo Harrison (English, finale). An African-American rich entreprenuer child who tries to outsmart Bruno. His first name is a homage to his distinctivly cleft lip which is alot seen during his nose-in-the-air clump routine. He left in the second season because of a contract but the real reason was because of lack of intrests in the character, plus Bleu needed to pursue his music career. Lippington appears in the first part of the finale, seeming to care about people, but he is voiced by Hugo Harrison in the episode due to Blue being unavailable.
  • Mojari & Mojaru/Beaver and Pighead: Voiced by Sanae Miyuki & Megumi Hayashibaru (Japanese), Jesus Guzman & Juan Carlos Tinoco (Spanish) and Mike Judge (English). Two anthropomorphic animals who are a deep parody of Beavis and Butthead. Beaver (real name Beaverton) is a fan of KISS and Pighead (real name Hogginton) is a fan of Hot Chelle Rae. They watch on a Japanese channel called TokyoV! (Groovesicle in English version, as a homage to MTV) which features music videos. They were created to promote the revival of the classical Beavis and Butthead series. Unlike the previous series, their disgustingness and rudeness were toned down for children viewers. They occasionally help Bruno with his situations. They made less appearances in the second season due to copyright with Mike Judge as he will only voice the characters if the rights of the two belong to him as they are both parodies of his creation. They were eventually gone in the sixth season after Judge left the show.
  • Pieteko/Ernie Fredrickson: Voiced by Wataru Tagaci (Japanese), Victor Delgado (Spanish) and Mike Judge (English S1-S5), Phil LaMarr (English, S6). A nearsighted man who is hopelessly confused. He is based on Hank Hill from King of the Hill and Tom Anderson from Beavis and Butthead in which all three characters feature the same character design, voice and distinctive characteristic features. He tends to have trouble with his shed breaking down due to Beaver and Pighead. Bruno often visits him to help him with chores in exchange for his wife's cookies (kaak in Spanish version). Judge does not use the copyright penalty for Ernie as he did for Beaver and Pighead. He died in the sixth season, mostly the writers gave him a death because Judge left the show.
  • Lucky: Voiced by Junko Hori (Japanese), Alfredo Lead (Spanish) and Tom Kenny (English). An Irish-American boy who dresses in Irish Leprechaun attire, similar to Lucky the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms. He had more appearances in the second season after Pierre's department. He has a pet shalieleh, which is actually an Irish cane. Lucky was gone in the fifth season, with no connections of Kenny leaving the show. Lucky appears in the first part wof the finale.
  • Pierre: Voiced by Junk Hori (Japanese), Roberto Carrillo (Spanish) and Jeff Bennett (English). A French-American chef who cooks proposterous dishes and is known for his steroetypical chef attire. His best friend is Lucky. Pierre was removed in the second season, ending his final appearance in "Chez Spoon" where he left Little Tokymexico to be a professional cook. Pierre also appears in the first part of the finale.
  • Kazuo Takahata/Warren Stirrecube: Voiced by Hiroyuki Shibamoto (Japanese), Pedro D'Agullion Jr. (Spanish), Tom Kenny (English, S1-S2) and Kirk Thorton (English, finale). An English-American poet and actor who speaks in Shakesperian English, even his name parodies William Shakespear. He became a main character in the first season gaining the personality as a proper gentleman, being opposed to violence and was abandoned in the second season. Warren appeared at the second part of the last episode giving Bruno a poem, voiced by Kirk Thorton, although Kenny was at the production at the time.
  • Juro Sakura/Vlad von Vlad: Voiced by Hiroshi Masuoka (Japanese), Carlos de Campos (Spanish) and Jeff Bennett (English). A Russian-American loner who enjoys reading and loves selling antiques. He was removed in the second season due to lack of intrests.
  • Mami Sakura/Tammy: Voiced by Keiko Yokozawa (Japanese), Diana Perez (Spanish) and Tara Strong (English). A tomboyish Southern girl who is an exchange student from Tennesee wearing a southern bell outfit. She is the only main female character in the series. During the course of the second season, Tammy got replaced with Sissy and Ami. She appears in the second part of the last episode and Tara Strong reprises her role.
  • Konpoco/Malicha/Paco: Voiced by Akari Hibino (Japanese), Armando Coria (Spanish) and Dee Bradley Baker (English). A dog with the appearance of a raccoon dog, tanuki and German shephard. He only appeared in the episode "Wanted". He is the only character, known to date, with three different names from each edition of the "Bruno" series.
  • Ami Onukia: Voiced by Yuka Mita (Japanese), Janice Kawaye (Spanish and English S1-mid S6, Spinoff) and Abbey DiGregio (English S6-present). A Japanese karate warrior who wears a sailor fuka uniform. She transferred from her home in Japan to the United States and is close friends with Bruno. Ami speaks in fluent Japanese with subtitles and not much characters understand her except Jhack (he learned Japanese because of her mother). She is the only character in the series with two voice actors/actresses. Her parents only speak Japanese as well, being sometimes accopanied by an antropomorphic robot named Otto (voiced by Mugihito (Japanese), Juan Carlos Tinoco (Spanish) and Casey Kasem (English)) who is her servant in which he translates her dialogue, but after the second season, Jhack translates her dialogue. Ami can understand English and Spanish but does not speak it. Bruno has a crush on Ami due to her adorable face and uniform. During the four seasons and mid fifth season, she deeply hates Bruno and wishes to kill him but Bruno is unaware of this due to him not being able to understand Ami. She can also speak Russian. Ami is also a soft-spot to cute animals and loves tormenting some people. She learned karate from her father and she usually eats with chopsticks which were made after the bones of her great-grandmother and hates it when there being insulted. She never speaks English, only Japanese, but some people can understand her. Her father, Koji Onukia, is the chairman of a popular cooking show, Steel Chef. It is shown that she is not afraid of Bruno as in an episode where they found out she was rich, she ended the discomfert once and for all by beating up Bruno. Bruno is also kind of afraid of her. During the music videos, she is capable of speaking English, meaning she refuses to speak English although during the sixth season premiere, she spoke eight English sentences, meaning that she's still learning but the second episode, she goes back to speaking Japanese which means that she finds being bilingual difficult. She also has special powers that transforms her into Sailor Sentai. Ami also has an older brother named Toshiro (voiced by Daisuke Suzuki) who is at the age of 15, speaks in fluent Japanese also, adores science-fiction and is very overprotective to her. Toshiro's appearance is based on common Japanese anime characters. Ami is the second character, behind Jhack who is the 3rd and after Bruno, who is the 1st popular character in the series, possibly due to her distinctive inability to speak English and her ability to speak fluent Japanese. Ami once said a full sentence in English fluently in the movie "Bruno in Rio" in vice versa, Bruno sung in Japanese. In the original Japanese version, she is actually American and she speaks fluent English. The Spanish version is similar to the English counterpart. She starts to make less appearances after Janice Kawaye had a big schedule. This eventually lead to Janice Kawaye leaving the English production to pursue on other roles. Her role was later replaced by Abbey DiGregio, who cannot speak fluent Japanese, used pseudo-Japanese gibberish to approximate the Japanese language for her character Ami to speak. Janice still works in the Spanish production, although sometimes they would use Abbey's vocal tracks to overdub Janice's tracks. Janice later appears in some episodes of the spin-off as a guest star voicing Ami. Ami also uses expensive shampoo to keep her hair shiny. Her parents are also strict with her grades making sure she passes and if she fails a test, she is immediatley kicked out of the mansion (a typical Japanese punishment by parents). This was proven at the episode "Liers" as during Bruno's dasterdly deeds of lying, he switches tests with Ami while she wasen't looking by erasing each of their names and writing their names at the opposite tests, and when Ami found out about her "low score", and she showed it to her mother, she was so angry that she ordered her servents to kick her out, and as she cries, her mother pretends to not hear her and she was locked out. Ami also has a cousin named Saburo who makes fun of Ami and like her family, speaks Japanese as well, but is capable of learning English and Spanish. Ami will be the main character with Bruno in the third season of the spinoff to influence their relationship.
  • Hiroshi Atomi/Viktor Gorring: Voiced by Mugihito (Japanese), Sebastian Llapur (Spanish) and Steve Viksten (English). A Czechoslovakian man who was unemployed except an episode where he finally gained a job as a paperboy. He speaks in a heavy Eastern European accent which will best fit his unidentified Japanese dialect in the Japanese version. His voice resembles to that of Yakov Smiroff, even sporting his catchphrase "What a country!". Viktor is a con artist who is mostly hated by all characters. His English surname is based on German World War I soldier, Hernan Gorring. Viktor tends to con some people off their money and is known for his light pink skin, yellow teeth and guttural laugh ("HEhehehe!!!"). He also tends to borrow some money from other people and does not pay them back and has many fights with his wife causing him to sleep at different locations. He is also afraid of guns and knives, which gave him the excuse of getting more money by pretending that he got mugged. He is also known for his sad yawn ("Ehhhh???!") when disappointed and usually says another catchphrase "I am sorry" when he is busy. Viktor usually hums when he eats due to being of Czechoslovakian culture of dining and his favorite foods are sukiyaki, pickles and salami. His last major appearance was the episode "Baby Viktor" in which Viktor has to take care of his wife's infant niece (his wife's sister named his baby Viktor before knowing of him) and after failures, he starts to get used to him and enjoys Baby Viktor and he even took care of him when he was sick (he had the case of the hiccups), even so much as pushing an old lady. After that episode, he is a cameo character. His last appearance in the show is "Family Man", after that being virtually gone. He appeared in the second part of the final episode with Steve reprising his role in which he gives all of his clothes to Bruno.
  • Sabao/Franklin Stomacardo: Voiced by Rain (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Yuri Lowenthal (English). An overweight kid who is the son of Mr. Stomacardo, the landlord and owner of Little Tokymexico. He tends to be very sneaky, getting away with mostly everything. His father is the landlord of the apartment that Beaver and Pighead live in. Being an overweighted person, he loves bubblegum, chocolate chip cookies, churros, chocolate cake and other junkfood. He can be a little bit greedy in order to make people jealous such as taking the most apples and leaving one to everybody else, and cannot withstand the smell of food. He is the butt of the jokes for many animal or weight jokes at the class. His catchphrase is "Miera me" meaning "I heard that".
  • Bruno-5550/Bobbie: Voiced by Ari Orikasa (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish), Junior (English, S2). An android manufactured by Professor Tashimi as a replicate of Bruno, including his talents and agilities. He is the only character not to be voiced by a human actor in the English version, having his synthesized voice being provided by the Macintosh Macintalk voice, Junior (known for Robot Jones). Later in the second season, his name changed to Bobbie and became a friend of Bruno.
  • Tyrone: Voiced by Pedro D'Agullion Jr. (Spanish) and Tyler the Creator (English). An Anglo-Afro American gangster and rapper who is a deep racist. He works as a hip hop singer in a rapping crew that usually have rapping contests in several streets and public parks. He only made two appearances. He was removed because of Tyler's schedule. Although removed, he appeared in a non-speaking cameo in an episode listening in a radio, meaning that he's also a student of Jirofales but he doesn't appear after that.
  • Mr. Wun Hyingh: Voiced by Sebastian Llapur (Spanish) and Baoan Coleman (English). A Vietnamese-American man who works in a Mexican restaurant. His distinctive Vietnamese accent makes some restaurant cashier's difficult to understand, which makes it unlikely for him to get a meal. He speaks in broken English and wishes to talk to someone in fluent Vietnamese. He has lots of money, making him a big time gambler and is also a musician. His last major appearance and final appearance was the episode "Family Man" where he pretended that Bruno and his friends are his family so he would be head chef for a Mexican restaurant, in which he finally received the job because of Bruno. He was virtually gone after that episode.
  • Cleokin: Voiced by Roberto Carrello (Spanish) and Jeff Bennett (English). A Nordic waiter who was born in Northern Scandinavian and speaks in gibberish approximating the Scandinavian language. He is the inventor of Fladoodles, moose hoove-produced foods manufactured by New York and shipped to Korea. He dresses in viking attire. He made less appearances due to lack of intrest. Cleokin appears in the first part of the series finale kissing Bruno goodbye.
  • Gin Ishimaru/Sydney "Sid" Wotan: Voiced by Koji Yusa (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Tara Strong (English). A fox-faced inventor who is the "bad-boy" of the gang and likes making many gadgets. He isn't afraid of getting dirty and even has a pet frog named Sydney, after his owner. Sid lives in a motel with his drunken father and his caring mother. His surname (English version) is based on the supervillian comic character of the same name. He only made five appearances and was abandoned after the episode "Paper Toys" making a high-tech plane with Ami. Sid appeared in the second part of the last episode, giving Bruno a sandwich dispenser, but does not speak.
  • Yasutora Sado and Nozomi Kujo/Texas Tom and Sloppy Sue: Voiced by Hisako Kanemoto & Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Mario Castaneta & Diana Perez (Spanish) and Roger Craig Smith & Grey DeLisle (English). Two rich entreprenuers from Texas who plan to make businesses around the world and wish to spend their money by buying anything they get their hands on. Their bulltruck can transform into a robotic monster but both of their weaknesses, and the robots, are Texas music that makes them dance uncontrollably. They tended to make their own food restaurant but it caused many weight problems and causing bankruptcy with noodle shops. The two aren't neccesary evil but are misunderstood on running businesses on foreign countries and cities.
  • Kilroy: Real name Robert Orin Charles Kilroy, he is a futuristic man who believed in rock-and-roll and was prisoned by MMM, an anti-rock and roll group led by Dr. Righteous. He goes incognito as one of the robot guards to meet Jonathan Chance, a musician who plans to bring rock-and-roll back. As in the original Japanese and Spanish versions display Kilroy as a mute, due to being fused by the machine, he was given a voice in the English version being both voiced by Dennis DeYoung and the Macintash voice "Ralph". His last appearance was the episode "Chair Repair".
  • Seoul Lingpoo/Nick Seoul: Voiced by Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese), Roberto Carrello (Spanish) and Steven Blum (English). A Chinese-American teenager who works as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. He is a fan of sci-fi movies and is the inventor of the Jiangshi Remote, a universal remote control that can work on anything and anyone.
  • Adobi no Kimodo/Adobe Kid: Voiced by Noriaki Sukiyama (Japanese), Mario Castaneda (Spanish) and Danny Cooksey (English). A teenager who was raised in an adobe after his mother left him there. He is based on "Stoop Kid" from Hey Arnold!. As soon as he grews up, he tends to adore his adobe, terrorizing people who ever even looks at his stoop. He learned how to fight from learning from nature. During experiences with him, Bruno realized that Adobe Kid is afraid to leave his adobe after taking the football back and him not chasing after him. Soon, everybody hears about this and they mock him for his fear. Adobe Kid cries because of his fear and so Bruno tries to teach him about the world and show him how to conquer his fear. As soon as he finally went off his adobe, he changed. He still hangs out at the adobe but now, he can torture people on and off his stoop. Adobe Kid adores mint and strawberry ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. He also enjoys reading "The Little Engine that Could" which also influenced him to get off the adobe. He has a public-free cable access television set that's portable. Kevin Wu was originally the voice of Adobe Kid but was unable to find and replaced with Danny Cooksey at the final production.
  • Dada/Schnulley "Wishbone" Goebbels: Voiced by Ryuuzou Ishino (Japanese), Antonio Banderas (Spanish) and Curtis Armstrong (English). A struggling teenager who does not have any money. He tends to fight alot, haves an infinity for explosives and lives in a trailer. He seems to be the opposite of Ami: being poor opposed to her being rich, loving explosives to hating explosives, living in a trailer to her living in a mansion and him being a nerd to her being popular. He gained his nickname, Wishbone, for collecting wishbones for luck. He seems to be friends with Viktor since there both feature the same qualities. His surname is based on World War I general, Joseph Goebbels, meaning he is of German descent. Schnulley gained the nickname "Wishbone" from his disgusting habits involving wishbones. Curtis Armstrong's voice role of Wishbone was a parody of his role as Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds similar to his other role as Snot in American Dad where his Booger role was also parodied. Wishbone was popular by the viewers that he was given a major character role. Wishbone is the only character not affected by his actor having schedule conficts with his show, since Armstrong also voices the titular character in The Hub's other series, Dan Vs.
  • Ssoso/Antonio Cortez: Voiced by Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and EG Daily or Carlos Alazraqui (English). Bruno's cousin of Mexican or Spanish descent. He is a television actor known for starring on novelas and cartoons. His appearance is based on Fez from That's 70s Show. In fact, his father (Bruno's uncle) is voiced by Fez himself, Wilmer Valderrama. He has a crush on Ami, just like Bruno. Instead of having nails in the mouth, he has bolts in his mouth. He was originally voiced by Carlos Alazraqui but due to fear of Latin stereotypes, EG Daily (originally hired to voice Bruno but didn't show up for recordings, unlike Mona) voiced him, making him sound exactly like Bruno. Antonio appears at the last part of the second part of the last episode showing as Bruno's new car buddie.
  • The Feather Line Gang: Voiced by Kenji Nojita (Cheng), Maomi Inoue (Sasha) & Masami Kikuchi (Wang) (Japanese), Sebastian Lluper (Wang), Jesus Guzman (Cheng) & Diana Perez (Sasha) (Spanish) and Bill Mondy (Cheng), Louis Chirillo (Wang) and Shannon Chan-Kent (Sasha) (English). A trio of gypsy crooks who do petty crimes to win easy money. They also have worked with Viktor for quite a short time. They are: Bingurre or Clown Cheng (a Chinese-American clown who left the circus due to low humor), Jumong or Shaman Wang (an Okinawan-American bungling magician who is the right-hand man of Jing-Jing) and Jing-Jing or Cheif Sasha (a Korean-American girl who is the leader of the gang). Jing-Jing has a crush on Sid.
  • Carly: A 22-year old librarian who is deaf and cannot talk so she communicates with American Sign Language and can read other people's lips to conversations. Antonio seems to know Carly very well. Carly has a brother named Brent who is blind and handicapped, due to a car accident. She has no voice actor due to being deaf-mute. Carly only appeared in the episode "Bruno Sign Language".
  • Hadetoshi/Don Ramon/Mr. Limburger: Voiced by Mugihito (Japanese), Sebastian Lluper (Spanish) and Doug Erholtz (English). An unemployed widower who works as a mechanic on some cases due to his talents of fixing things. He is based on Don Ramon from El Chavo del 8, even sporting some of his catchphrases. He tends to appear at the wrong time during one of Bruno's shinnanigans and usually gets slapped in the face by Dona Florinda. When Bruno says something out of lime, he hits him in the head while saying "Toma" (Toshi in Japanese and Bam! in English version). He is one of the funniest characters of the show. He also left the show in the sixth season due to Erholtz' departure. It was stated that he's on a cruise and won't come back to Little Tokymexico until he's a millionaire.
  • Mikko/Dona Florinda/Mrs. Lemon: Voiced by Ikune Ohani (Japanese), Diana Perez (Spanish) and Kate Higgins (English). The mother of Jhack Lemon who is always seen with curlers in her hair. She runs a restaurant called "Fonda Dona Florinda" (Mrs. Lemon Cafe in English version) where it provides food such as spaghetti and meatballs, soup, dessurts and others. She is based on Dona Florinda from El Chavo del 8 and she tends to slap Mr. Limburger when he gets out of line.
  • Mrs. Yoshida: Voiced by Janice Kawaye. The 22-year of Japanese teacher at the Sashimichurro program and is Ami's mother. Like her daughter, she speaks fluent Japanese (even to her students) and her husband is a rich entreprenuer. She is a teacher of helping her students learn the Japanese language. Ami comes to the program everyday for support. Mrs.Yoshida is young and tends to get payed alot as well as her husband. Ami and Mrs. Yoshida are the reason that Jhack is fluent in Japanese. She is the only character that has one actor for three variations of the series. Brun kind of loves her as well. She prefers her birth surname Yoshida instead of her husband's surname Onukia.
  • El Chapulin Colorado/Captain Hopper: Voiced by Jesus Guzman (all versions until June 2012, Spanish only) and Adam West (English, June 2012). A Hispanic superhero with the appearance of a grasshopper who saves the day along with Spanish puns. He is Bruno's idol and has his own comedy show in the series at Channel Ocho (a channel consisting of cartoons). He is based on the El Chapulin Colorado created by Roberto "Chespirito" Gomez Bolanos. Captain Hopper originally spoke Spanish in the cartoons but when he appeared with Bruno, he spoke fluent English in the English version, provided by Adam West.
  • Federico "Rico" Constanimas: Voiced by Masashi Ebara (Japanese), Irwin Daayan (Spanish) and George Lopez (English). An immigrant from Puerto Rico who is known for animating the famous cartoon "Mad Grandad" (parody of the fictional Angry Dad webisodes from the Simpsons). He created the internet cartoon based on his insane and heavily tempered grandfather: Ramon. Rico only appeared in the episode "Japanimation" serving as Carmichael's rival.
  • Godinez/Carmichael: Voiced by Koji Yusa (Japanese), Pedro D'Aguillian Jr. (Spanish), Kate Higgins (English, Original) and Verne Powell (English, Spinoff). A kid who smoked cigarettes on the streets (Tootsie Pops in the English version and Tutsi Chupa Pop in the Spanish version) and is usually on the scene if the show needed an extra kid. He is known for his shirt that says "Sai" and for his beanie cap with a propeller in it. Carmichael is a good cartoonist who knows the difference between Japanese animation, Spanish animation and American animation. He would likely grow up to either be an animator or a senator due to making decisions via flipping a coin or asking a muffin man. He makes rare appearances but when he does appear, he's the most lovable. His catchphrase is "Y yo que hice?" (Spanish) meaning "What did I do?" or "I didn't do it" literraly translated to the English version. He is actually based on Godinez from El Chavo del Ocho, even his appearance. He is lazy and tends to avoid doing crazy tasks but mostly tries to have a good time. He also seems to do wise remarks throughout the class. During the fifth season, he doesn't smoke (or suck lollipops) nor does he wear the shirt but wears overalls and a baseball cap instead. He doesn't care about his grades as he willingly took the D he got. His great main role was the sixth season premiere episode "Gordon Gordon" where Carmichael plays the role as his favorite play character. That episode was his last major appearance as Kate Higgins was ending her role as Carmichael, leaving him as a background character through the rest of the series. He reappears in the spin-off series in the music videos only where he is known as Megabaet (a song in Latibaer) pronounced as mecka-bek with Verne Powell voicing him.
  • Professor Innocino Jirafales: Voiced by Mitsuiki Madono (Japanese), Pedro D'Aguillian Jr. (Spanish) and Bob Bucholtz (English). The professor at Escuela, the school at Little Tokymexico where Bruno and his friends attend. He is known distinctivly for his long neck, his mustache, his coat and his crush on Dona Florinda. Whenever he gets annoyed, he shouts "Ta-ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-TAAAAAA!!!!!!", his catchphrase. He is based on Professor Jirafales from El Chavo del 8. Whenever the class starts to get noisy, he always shouts "Chinmoku" (Silencio in Spanish version and Quiet down in English version) for three times and the third time is the loudest causing everyone to stop except Bruno, who keeps on arguing until realizing that everyone silenced and Bruno turns his head to Prof. Jirafales. Jirafales and Mrs. Lemon always do the same routine, both of them greet eachother, Jirafales gives Mrs. Lemon a boquet of roses and/or a present for Jhack, Mrs. Lemon invites him for a cup of coffee and they enter the house.
  • Mr. Stomacardo: Voiced by Kenji Nojita (Japanese), Victor Delgado (Spanish, S1-S6), Sebastian Llapur (Spanish, S6) and Dave Mallow (English). The landlord and primary owner of Little Tokymexico, running the whole town in his corporation. He usually comes to the neighborhood to collect the rent (except to Ami who owns a mansion but comes for the payment of the electric bills). He is mostly after Mr. Limburger because has fourteen-months worth of rent not payed and he hasen't been evicted once. Mr. Stomacardo's name references the word "stomach" which is why most of the characters make fun of his weight. Mr. Stomacardo always ends up getting hit in the face by Bruno's toys. Victor Delgado voiced him through five seasons before he retired from voice acting, giving his role to Sebastian Llapur.
  • Toshiro Onukia: Voiced by Daisuke Suzuki (all versions). Ami's 15-year old brother who attends "Gakko", a Japanese high school at Little Tokymexico and Sashimichurro program (where his mother works). His appearance is based on Dragon Ball and Gundam anime characters. Like his sister, he speaks fluent in Japanese. He is very overprotective through his sister at in the Halloween episode "Kowai Hanashi/Historia de Horror/Horror Stories" as he demanded Bruno to bring Ami back home by sundown, in which he does not follow, in which he tracks down both of them, in his samurai costume to kill Bruno. He hates Bruno very much and punches him every time he tries to mess with his sister.
  • Mary McGuire/Maria Rivera: Voiced by Microsoft Sam (Japanese and Spanish) and Maria Bamford (English). A Spanish immigrant from Mexico who came to play at the piano ball. In the original Japanese, she spoke English and is American from San Francisco. In the Spanish version, she kept the English name but is French and lived in Paris. She now works as a Spanish teacher in "Escuela".
  • Saint: Voiced by Yuta Fija (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish and English). A Mexican skateboarder nicknamed the Tijuana Ninja who only speaks Spanish and rescues fellow people. Saint only appeared in ten episodes as a background character. He was abandoned in the sixth season.
  • The Tanukis: Voiced by The Aquabats (English). A singing rock-and-roll band where the gang is dressed as tanukis. They have superpowers and can use electrical guitar weapons. There animated appearance is based on their English voice actor counterparts; the Aquabats in their cartoon "Super Show" style. During the show's fifth season, the Tanukis were so popular with many audiences that they became one of the recurring characters for the show's brand new season, being as superheroes for Bruno, along with Captain Hopper. The teams are Commander X3-7 (played by MCBat Commander), Barbet Coppersmith (played by Eaglebones Falconhawk), Smash N'Crush (played by Crash MClarson), Kenta Exercise (played by Ricky Fitness) and Kenichi the Android (played by Jimmy the Robot). They are signaled with Bruno's watch whenever he bresses the button. It seems that because their outfits and superhero genre are mostly based on "tanukis", Japanese originated animals, it seems that the band is of Japanese ethnic or Japanese descent. Ami once mentioned that they were a hit in Japan, menaing that the Tanukis were famous at Japan and practically lived in the country, though they have Americanized accents and they don't appear to speak the language in any of the episode nor any hints if they understand the language. But Kenta Exericse and Kenichi the Android's names are Japanese, so it could hint that the Tanukis are Japanese. They appear in the sixth season premiere "Gordon Gordon" showing their true identidies for the first and only time when playing the orchestra.
  • Senor Hurtado/Mr. Crookley: Voiced by Sebastian Llapur (Spanish), Mugihito (Japanese) and Doug Erholtz (English). A thief who swipes many possessions in the vecinidad. His felonies are charged by Bruno by mistake (which results of everyone accusing him a theft cuausing him to temperarely leave the vecinidad in sorrow) but he ultimatley returns the stolen objects after hearing Bruno's speech, restoring Bruno's innocence with the neighbors - however he doesn't confess to the crimes himself. The reason for him moving was because of his hatred towards children. His Spanish name "hurtado" means "to steal" in Spanish. His Spanish name is used for the Japanese dub too. As in the fifth season, he became the main antagonist of the series usually in some episodes, planning to kill Bruno but keeps himself in the dark so Bruno would not notice or would go incognito. In the sixth season, he finally moved, to never bee seen again. He now uses the alias Glannie Glaepur (Crook Thief in English).
  • Don Roman/Christopher Desktop: Voiced by Mugihito (Japanese), Sebastian Llapur (Spanish) and Stephen Hawking (English). The rich and succesful cousin of Mr. Limburger. Due to an incident, Chris is paralyzed and can only communicate via laptop. He is also the inventor of the solar powered wheel chair. He is based upon and is voiced (English version) by Stephen Hawking. He gain a bigger role in the sixth season, replacing Don Ramon after Doug Erholtz departure from the show. He stated that he is housekeeping for Don Ramon until he gets back as a millionaire. Christopher Desktop can also change the setting of his voice. His biggest role as the Christmas special. That special reveals that he has three children; Yori, Ori and Naru, who are Don Ramon's nephews and are based on Animaniacs' Yakko, Wakko and Dot. In fact, in the English version (produced by Viz Media) they are voiced by the same people who voiced the Warners': Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeilie, respectively.
  • Senor Deportes/Sportiflex: Voiced by Ryu Watabe (Japanese), Edgar Vivar (Spanish) and Dwight Howard (English). An athlete who has the ability to use his extreme sports skills for combat such as attacking. His name is a pun on the word "spartacus". Edgar Vivar, of Chespirito fame, voices him in Spanish.
  • Koji Unitaru/Payaso Villano/Depressionist: Voiced by Junk Hori (Japanese), Carlos Villagran (Spanish), Dan Green (Koji, English) and Bobcat Goldthwait (Depressionist, English). A comedian who has fall in love with the ice cream man's daughter who's father hates comedy and prefers dramatic arts. Koji accidentally fell upon a puddle of acid (via Joker) and becomes a kabuki-like mime artist with pink hair named the Depressionist who's favorite art is "drama theatre" and has the power to make people cry. He is a one-time character.
  • Rubia Margot/Margo Blonde: A famous Hollywood star from California who Mr. Limburger loves and is the main love intrest in the episode Limburger in Love. He never appeared personally nor spoke so she does not have a voice actor at all. She is a one-time character.
  • Osama Tezuka/Robertito "Chanterino" Bolones/Marvin Growing Fredrickson: Voiced by Kazuki Takahashi (Japan), Roberto Gomez "Chespirito" Bolanos (Spanish) and Steven Spielberg (English). A famous actor who is the son of Mr. Frederickson. He only made one appearance in "Theatre".
  • Geronimo Gomez/Geronimo Johnson: Voiced by Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese), Mario Castaneta (Spanish) and Brian Donovan (English). A Laotian-Latino boy who was the nephew of the leader of the Tanukis (performed by the Aquabats) who is of Asian and Hispanic descent. Geronimo was the inventor of the magical watch that summons the Tanukis in which he gives to Bruno. Geronimo's name is based on the apache chief of the same name. He is fluent with Latino Spanish and the Laotian language.
  • Los Caquitos: Voiced by Jesus Guzman (Spanish, Chompiras) and Sebastian Llapur (Spanish, Bojita), Roger Craig Smith (English, Chompiras) and JG Quintel (English, Bojita). Two thiefs who sometimes steal possessions but do a terrible job at it. They only appear in the Japanese and English dub as mutes for the fourth-fifth seasons and there names never revealed but in the Spanish dub, they were given voices. Chompiras, the leader of the duo, is an amatuer thief and Gordon Bojita, Chompiras' sidekick, is an overweight thief who is the brains of the duo. They are a parody of Los Caquitos, a sketch from Roberto Gomez Bolanos' series "Chespirito". Bojita originally was voiced in Victor Delgado in the Spanish version but after he retired, Llapur voiced him. The two made their main appearances in the episode "Videojuego" as the main antagonist of the episode crossing over the show. In that episode, the dubbers finally gave them English voices; Roger and JG, respectivaley. In that episode, they are reclaiming a trophy that had legendary diamonds and they've been waiting for their crime records to end at midnight but it was ruined when Bruno came to the scene. In the English dubbed version, Bojita was called Louie while Chompiras wasen't given the English name, but the episodes' credits called him "Don" making it his possible English name.
  • Jaimito el cartero/Postman Pat: Voiced by Leonardo Garcia (Spanish) and Dave Mallow (English). A postal worker who appears in the last episodes of the final season (the sixth). He tries to avoid tasks due to avoiding fatigue (his tiredness makes him too tired). He carries a bicycle in which he never learned to ride but he would get dismissed if his crew workers find out. He is extremly lazy and always avoids paying the rent. He inhails from Upsidedowntown talking about it in which the character gets annoyed by the speech. He is also cheap and tends to have others do the work for him so that he can go to sleep. He seems to have an ability to make Mr. Stomacardo let his overdue rent payment slide several times for a mysterious reason, even explained in the episode "Deudas a pagar y sillias a pegar" (English: Chair Repair) where Mr. Stomacardo explained that Pat's not leaving and that he always fails for the same trick every time.
  • Dona Cleotilde/Miss Spinster: Voiced by Diana Perez (Spanish) and Mona Marshall (English). An old single women who lives in the apartment 71 and the kids think she's a "witch". She also has an enormous crush on Mr. Limburger.
  • Gundamo/El Justiciero Enmascarado/The Secret Masked Crusader: Voiced by Jushin "Thunder" Liger (Japanese), Leonardo Garcia (Spanish), Doug Erholtz (English, Ramon), John Cena (English, actual). A professional wrestler who is one of the idols to Bruno. He is known for his signature blue mask and his wild techniques, which explains why he's the famous luchador in the world. His known enemies are the "Average Avenger", the "Raging Raider" and "El Chapulin Colorado" (English: Captain Hopper). Coincidentally, Captain Hopper and Crusader are both Bruno's idols. Erholtz voiced the crusader in his first appearance as his character, Don Ramon, was pretending to be the crusader for the children in which he had to do a deep voice. In his second appearance, he is voiced by wrestler John Cena. Also, the Japanese version featured the voice of wrestler Thunder Liger as the crusader.
  • La popis/Sissy: Voiced by Diana Perez (Spanish) and Kate Higgins (English). A young girl who is one of the clasmates at Escuela with Bruno. Jhack Lemon's cousin who always tattles on kids when she's being made fun with or she's upset with the sentence "I'm telling...". She is always seen with her doll Serafina (English: Stephanie). She replaced Tammy in the second season. Sissy has a crush on Bruno, opposing to Ami, although she gets jealous of Ami and is rivals with her. She is always seen with her doll Serefina (Stephanie).
  • Jack Yanker: Voiced by Leonardo Garcia (Spanish) and Rick Astley (English). A singer of English descent who is an internet prankster, having the ability to "Prankyank" anything on the web in which he makes any destignated link turn into a video featuring him singing. Bruno tells him that he shouldn't be doing this. Later in the episode, he becomes a TV writer for "Captain Hopper Show". He is a parody of and is voiced by Rick Astley, who is known for his song "Never Gonna Give You Up" (parodied in the episode) which became an internet meme as Rickrolling, which was the basic plot for the episode.
  • Alfredo Fernando/Alfred Ferguson: Voiced by Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Kirk Thorton (English). The grocery store manager and clerk of the "Botega", the main supermarket in Little Tokymexico who is in his late 20s. His boss, Mr. Blimp, always scolds him for letting kids break the rules. Whenever Mr. Limburger shops in the store, he always puts his items on credit (never pays back) which makes him furious. He is named after Alfredo Gonzales Fernandez, one of the crew workers for the 70s Chespirito show. This is Kirk Thorton's only full-voice role as he only does various bit parts throughout the show.
  • Professor Tashimi: An evil mad scientist who is mute with an appearance like Lurch from The Addams Family who invented the Bruno robot known as Bobbie. His hairdo is similar to Albert Einstein.
  • Vicente "Chente" Bolanos/Bronu: Voiced by Ari Orikasa (Japanese), Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Mona Marshall (English). Bruno's self-proclaimed imaginary friend from the orphanage. By appearance, he is a black-and-white version of Bruno himself. His last name is based on Roberto Gomez Bolanos, of El Chavo fame.
  • Quinn Chuh: Voiced by Niki Yang (all dubs). A Korean girl who is Ami's best friend and helper. Similar to Ami, she only speaks Korean. Franklin has a crush on her. She appears in the sixth (final) season to give Ami a female character for a friend instead of La popis since she and Popis are rivals.
  • Mr. Tanagori: Voiced by Tim Curry (English). A British director who is the drama teacher of Escuela, one of the first other faculty members of the school to be seen besides Jirafales. He improvised the script "Gordon Gordon" to feature a dramatic ending (the protagonist dies and the antagonist wins) as reflecting his own backstory of being dumped by his fiancee Betty, but they both solved their differences at the end of the episode after Godinez did the original ending.
  • Mister Magnificent: Voiced by Dave Mallow (English). A magician and ringster of his circus "The Magnificent Circus" in the episode "Vamos al circo" (Let's Go to the Circus) who preserves some of the famous attractions such as the World's Baldest Man, the Three Legged Dog, the Barking Duck and the Lion Tamer. He also owns a priston automobile which Don Ramon helped fix.
  • Christobal Colon/Chris Columbus: Voiced by Leonardo Garcia (Spanish) and Samuel Vincent (English). Originally a backup made-up character invented by Jaimito to escape Sr. Barriga in which the character is dead, he later becomes an actual character from Upsidedowntown, who is the same age as Bruno. He is named after the famous explorer in both dubs. Unlike Jaimito, he never explains the story of Upsidedowntown several times. His favorite sport is soccer (football in Spanish dub).
  • Yong Weichong: Voiced by Jesus Guzman (Spanish), Justin Chon (English, first) and Logan Grove (English, second). A Chinese immigrant survivor of Chinaisland who is after Bruno for causing the explosion of the island in the first place. He has the ability to generate fire which he inherited from the island. In his first appearance, Justin Chon voiced him to give him a heavy Chinese accent. His second appearance, has him voiced by Logan Grove to make his age like Bruno, to be a more child-like character. At his second appearance, he becomes friends with him. He never appeared after the episode.
  • Boris Bohr: Voiced by Dave Mallow (English). A boring and deadpan scientist in Escuela who used to teach in the Sashimichurro program and the Gakko high school, having a high intellegence. He was accidentally frozen by both Bruno and Ami when reaching for the paint. Named after the scientist Niels Bohr.
  • Lionel del Leon/Lionel the Lion: Voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait (English). A lion from the "Espanol Zoo" who wishes to be free. His favorite food is "supreme de carne" (Mighty Meat in English) which can only be found in the oceans of dept. Bruno helped him be free.
  • Senor Pesilldo/Mr. Belismall: Voiced by Edgar Vivar (Spanish) and Mark Elliot (English). An announcer and businessman who is winning to buy the neighborhood from Mr. Stomacardo. Everybody disapproves of the idea. He also has a crush on Dona Cleotilde. His voice actor from the original dub is Edgar Vivar who plays Sr. Barriga and his son Nono in El Chavo and in the English version is legendary voice-over artist, Mark Elliot.
  • Mr. Koji Onukia: Voiced by George Takei (English). Ami's father who owns the Little Tokymexico's television broadcasting company that produces the cooking show series, Steel Chef. He even plays as the judge in the show. Like his family, Koji speaks Japanese fluently. Although, when being interviewed, he speaks in English (soft and not much) to communicate, learning from an Englishman friend.
  • Condorito: Voiced by Roberto Gomez Bolanos (Spanish). A Spanish-speaking condor who is based on the popular comic stript character of the same name, featuring fame in Latin America. He appeared in the episode "Bruno and Condorito" which was his first animated appearance in television since the late eighties. In the English version, he was replaced with Mickey Mouse due to copyright claims.
  • Domo: Vocal effects by Frank Welker (English). Ami's pet labador retrievers that wears a special collor removing all of the ticks and giving him the ability to fly. Domo has an enormous apetite which ate all of the "whatchamacallems" (also known as moscas/flies).
  • Bruna: Voice of Diana Perez (Spanish) and Tara Platt (English). A fan character created which allowed Anima Estudios to animate her. She appeared in the episode "El valor de la amistad/Friendship Value" as a girl playing by herself. Bruna is like a female version of Bruno: packs a punch, starving and loves ham tortas. The differences is that: she looks like a clown, is a female and she has thumbtacks instead of regular tacks. Bruna is also Mexican as well and she made both Sissy and Ami jealous. She is also fluent in Japanese.
  • Senor Calvillo/Mr. Smith: Voice of Ruben Aguirre (Spanish) and Bob Buchholtz (English). A mysterious man who lives in the apartment #13. He appears in some scenes and is a mystery to many of the residence. It is revealed, to Bruno and Ami only, that he is a secret agent helping to save the world. Both of Mr. Smith's voice actors from each dub had voiced the original Professor Jirafales from El Chavo in different languages (Rugen in Spanish and Bob in English).
  • Carne Hombre/Meatman: Voice of Sebastian Llapur (Spanish) and Carlos Alazraqui (English). A monster made of mystery meat found in the grocery store. After pouring toxic waste on it, Alfredo gave the meat to Bruno to eat. But the monster formed into a humanoid figure and became his friend until Bruno start mistreating it for not growing too much (similar to that of Astro Boy) in which he tries to eat him.
  • Delilah: Voice of Diana Perez (Spanish) and Melissa Altro (English). A young energetic girl who is Pat's niece from Upsidedowntown. She was also a friend of Jhack before he moved away. Delilah has super strength and can leap through different measurements. She now hangs out with Franklin.
  • Super Sam: Voice of Sebastian Llapur and Don Ramon (Spanish) and Seth MacFarlene (English). An English-speaking superhero dressed in a style of Uncle Sam who uses a sack of money as a weapon with the phrase "Money is power" and uses an English-Spanish dictionary to communicate to the characters. In the English dub, Super Sam is an all-American famous superhero speaking in monologues, changing his dictionary to a book displaying hip-hop phrases to communicate to the children. MacFarlene uses his Stan Smith voice portraying Super Sam, coincidentally both Stan and Sam's first & last names start with 'S'.
  • Yumi Yoshimaru: Voice of Ally Matsumura (English). Ami's rival and enemy from her orignal town, Tokyo, who is middle class but excels at sports than she does. Like Ami, she also only speaks Japanese but she accidentally lends a Hydrophelic into Little Tokymexico causing problems. Ami and Yumi solved their differences later and Yumi went back to Tokyo. Both of the girls are named after PUFFY AmiYumi.
  • Yimon: Voice of Dan Castellaneta (English). A salesman on meat products who only sells bangers and meatballs to the children, requiring a dollar (pesos) per meat product instead of giving out free stuff. He tends to beat up Bruno alot.
  • Phyme: Voice of Maxwell Atomms (English). One of the students in Escuela who is part Goth, part Beatnik and part Bohemian kid who seems to be an artist. He appeared in backgrounds of the classroom as some of the students, but wasen't given a role until the sixth season. His first speaking appearance was the episode "Gordon Gordon" auditioning for the role as Gordon, failed. It seems that he's the leader of the Drama Club as he is referred to as a "Drama Geek" by Ami and is seen with a skull in his hand (via Hamlet). Not stated in the show but in the episode, he's credited as Phyme.
  • Official Matute/Officer Dibble: Voice of Dave Mallow (English). A police officer who watches the City Park and scoleded Don Ramon for dropping eggs on his head (turns out it was Bruno who did it by mistake when reaching for the kite, which the eggs are bird eggs). Mallow uses Beliarge's voice when playing him. His name is based on the police officer of the same name from Top Cat.
  • Disculpene Rodriguez/Mike Turntable: Voice of Casey Kasem (English). The local deejay of the radio station, Juicy 306, the town's main radio-station. He appeared in the sixth season episode "Drop the Bruno". He is the son of the late famous deejay, Disco who died from a heart attack causing him to take over. Mike was suffering from pneumonia so he let Bruno take a shot for a couple of days. His appearance is based on his portrayer, Casey Kasem.
  • Lucas Buenostro/Baron von Black: Voice of Vincent Pastore (English). An evil sorcerer who serves as the main antagonist in the movie "Bruno's Big Movie" who stole the great golden balls to use the power for himself in order to rule Little Tokymexico and Indiapalace. Baron possesses the Sound Sword that takes away anybody's motion making them stiff. Recordings of Pastore were used from the movie "Thief and the Cobbler" in the English version due to time consumption.
  • Marcel Conostro: Voice of Carlos Poncho (English). The main antagonist of the film "Bruno in Rio". He is a smuggler who steals exotic pets and animals and gives them for ransom. He is the leader of a clan known as the Portoclan that features several gem powers. He is the owner of the demon bird "Nigel" (voice: Sebastian Llapur [Spanish] and Tim Curry [English]) who used to be television star but after being replaced by a parakeet, he hated exotic birds and kills them by biting their necks and eating them.
  • Luiz Larks: Voice of Valente Rodriguez (English). One of the surviving members of the orphanage that Bruno used to live in. He lived in Rio de Janero located in Braziland and has a career of helping the community and helped Bruno save all of Rio from destruction.
  • Pedro Fernandez: Voice of Bill Farmer (English). A loan shark/thief who lived in the cold publos located in Rio. He was originally a worker for Marcel but after losing his popularity, he was kicked out and was set to the cold world. Bill Farmer uses his "Goofy" voice as Pedro.
  • Fernando Gonzales: Voice of Luis Armand Garica (English). A young Brazillian boy who works for Marcel to capture the birds. The reason to work is because his family is poor (but not as Bruno) and so he needs to raise enough money for his family to be middle class again.
  • Lacorias: A female wood elf who gave Bruno advice to help him. Lacorias is a mute wood elf, meaning that when she tried to speak, no words came out. Instead, she communicates using sign language. Because Bruno only knows Spanish (English in the English version), her friend Onyx translates.
  • Onyx: Voice of Sebastian Llapur (Spanish) and Rob Paulsen (English). A mud monster who was originally a warrior but after the attack with Nigel, he fell into a toxic waste with pieces of dirt on him causing the dirt to morph into an exoskeleton. Onyx and Lacorias died after helping Bruno due to living their last lives.
  • Perkinston: Voice of Doug Erholtz (English). A pawn shop worker who gave Don Ramon money after he traded his old elephant gun for it in the episode "The Neighborhood at War". Perkinson seems to be Chinese since he wears a kimono and wears Asian sandles. He can also juggle sandwiches.
  • Dr. Chapatin/Doctor Chapatten: Voice of Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Bob Buchholtz (English). A doctor who always hits his patience with a brown paper bag with items in it yet to be revealed. He is based on "Dr. Chapatin" from the Chespirito sketches. He only appeared in a flashback giving Jhack a dentist fixup. He is Buchholtz's only other role in the cartoon besides Professor Jirafales.
  • Bradley: Voice of Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Jules de Jong (English). A peddler who was fighting with both Antonio and Bruno. He has the strength of both of them and seems to be strong. He only appeared in the episode "Big Fight".
  • Los ninjos de Ramon/The Desktop Siblings: Voice of Rob Paulsen (Yori; English), Jess Harnell (Ori; English), Tress MacNeilie (Naru; English), Jesus Guzman (Yori & Ori; Spanish) and Diana Perez (Naru; Spanish). The children of Don Roman and nephews/niece of Don Ramon, who are actually based on The Warner Siblings from Animaniacs. In fact, Viz Media was able to hire the actors who voiced the Warner Siblings to play the Desktop Siblings. Similar to the Warners, the Desktops are always cartoonish and always act up too much but they respect their father, even though he's disabled. The children are actually in royal blood with their father being the king (Don Ramon was skipped in the generation), but because of his condition, he leaves the throne to the children.

The Little Adventurs of Bruno characters

  • Dondes Valges: Voice of Mario Castaneda (Spanish) and Lee Tockar (English). One of the poorest children in the neighborhood. He is so poor that he doesn't even have any shoes. He is the nephew of Don Ramon as stated by Bruno when they first met because he has the Necaxa birthmark.
  • Rodolfo Madruga: Voice of Sebastian Llapur (Spanish), Donald Glover (English, S1-S2) and Guomounder Thor Karason (English, Current). The only Afro-Mexican character in the show. He is a street-wise character with a good personality. His appearance and atitude is based on Memi Pinguin. Donald Glover was replaced with Guomunder Karason due to his performances being too much of a stereotype and that he has a career. His brand new voice helps him with the music videos.
  • Zoe Pescadillo: Voice of Diana Perez (Spanish) and Michelle Ruff (English). A foriegn person from Italy in Napoli, who like Ami, speaks only one language which is Italian. She seems to be Bruno's new love interest in the series but still has feelings for Ami. Zoe seems to be a ninja striking to the hearts of her oponents. She was missing for the second season for an unknown reason but will return in the third season fighting against Ami who has now become a main character once again.
  • Ricardo Perez: Voice of Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Sam Vincent (English). A blonde-haired rich boy who is myopic in which he is blind without glasses. He has a cousin in America allowing Richardo to speak both English and Spanish. Ricardo and Bruno are enemies in the series.
  • Saburo Onukia: Voice of Jordan Nagai. A Japanese-born boy who is the youngest of the friends at the age of nine. She is actually Ami's little cousin who mocks her. Like his cousin, he speaks Japanese as well, but is capable of speaking perfect Spanish and English when talking to the characters. Marshall has stated that if the second series went into English, Nagai would definatley return to voice him, which he did.
  • Alan Ramirez: Voice of Mario Castaneda Peda (Spanish) and Nancy Cartwright (English). The perfect student in Tangamandapio Escuela, who gets good grades, considered a teacher's pet, is an excellent athlete, top prankster and rich kid. Although Alan has a secret fear of dust bunnies.
  • Theodore "Theo" LaSaulle: Voice of Kel Mitchell (English). A gadget-based child who is obsessed with computers and technology, always carrying a laptop or a digital camera. He owns a rare Vietnamese pen/digital camera which also includes a comb, a pocketknife and a gum dispensir. 
  • Lon: Voice of Quinton Flynn (English). A creepie kid who is actually part of a tribe of wolf people, parodying to that of the White Tigers from Beyblade. Lon possesses a mystical staff with the ability to hypnotize people. He attends Tangamandapio Escuela to learn more about his opponents. He has some rivalry with Salmon Rushty.
  • Solomon "Salmon" Rushty: Voice of Terry McGurrin (English). A Quebocois football player who is the top player of the Baters, the football team for Tangamandapio Escuela. He speaks with a heavy Canadian accent, and sometimes slurrs some Canadian French words with his speech. He has some rivalry with Lon.

Adult/Faculty Characters

This show setting is in Tangamandapio, Mexico. In the town, features a brand new cast of adults and new school. Unlike Escuela, where theres only one teacher per student, Tangamandapio Escuela has a numerous amount of workers. Sebastian Llapur voices all the male teachers in the Spanish version except for Senor Amarillo who is voiced by Raul Guaya and Mr. Happy who is voiced by Tom Kenny overdubbed by Sebastian Llapur as the intrepetor. Diana Perez voices all of the female teachers in the Spanish version.

  • Senor Amarillo: Voice of Raul Guaya (Spanish) and Phil LaMarr (English). Bruno's homeroom teacher in the school "Tangamandapio Escuela", similar to that of Little Tokymexico's Escuela. Senor Amarillo's personality is similar to that of Professor Jirafales but he is calm and collected. Due to the popularity and fan base of the rest of the faculty, Senor Amarillo was used less often.
  • Mr. Hofftard: Voice of Will Arnett (English). The English teacher who is a cyclist but in-heart, he is actually a coward with a kitten. In the original Spanish and Japanese versions, he is actually a writing teacher. His catchphrase is "Catchphrases are for losers". His real name is Ennis Hoftard. His favorite student is Bruno.
  • Mr. Anderson: Voice of Jason Bateman (English). The gym teacher who is kind and nice rather than intimidating and harsh as a stereotypical gym teacher would. He rather enjoy doing science but Ms. Grohe already took the job, and he sometimes has rivalries wth her but deep down, loves her. His catchphrase is "Why can't someone else teach PE?" His real name is Lawrence "Larry" Anderson, renamed to "Mr. L" on the course of the season, his original name was Larry Littlejunk, but was changed due to parental conserns. His favorite student is Ricardo Perez.
  • Ms. Grohe: Voice of Kristen Chenoweth (English). A spiritual hippie science teacher who teaches a peaceful science method and walks barefooted. She carries her 1-year old infant son named Merch (who is smarter than her) around. Her catchphrase is "Drummers are creeps". Her real name is Miracle Grohe and she seems to be dim-witted at several points. His favorite student is Dondes Valdes.
  • Vice Principal Proszakian: Voice of Will Forte (English). The happy-go-lucky vice principal who is known as criminally insane and enjoys every second of the world. His catchphrase is "I need a catchphrase". Hints on the show is that he is Greek-Mexican. He is nicknamed Vice Principal Pro by his peers. He is also very gullible, believing everything he is told. His real name is Stuart Proszakian. His favorite student is Rodolfo Madruga.
  • Mr. Happy: Voice of Tom Kenny (English). The Egyptian-Mexican secretive custodian who only speaks in Arabic accompanied by an off-screen translator. Bruno finds out that he lives in the center of the school grounds. He always seems to carry a stack of dynamite. He speaks in fractured English when communicating to the students, speaking in a slow matter or reading an Arabic-English/Espanol phrasebook when speaking to the kids for a better conversation, first shown in "I Have a Dream". His catchphrase is "I am fond of America" in Arabic. His real name is Muhammad Saheeb "Happy" Fa-ac Nuabar from Saudi Arabia and always has a problem with Bruno. His favorite student is Solomon Rushty.
  • Mr. LeGustidos: Voice of Nick Kroll (English). The drama teacher who wears cowboy attire from the waste down. His surname is based on Legustambos which is Spanish for "he likes both" referencing bisexuality. His personality is similar to that of a lead female's best friend and his voice is a characterization of Daws Butler's talents as Snagglepuss from the cartoon of the same name.. His catchphrase is "Speak up". His real name is Andrew LeGustidos. In the Japanese version, he is known as Mr. LeGustambos by mistake. His favorite student is Zoe Pescadillo.
  • Ms. Klench: Voice of Cheri Oteri (English). The cranky librarian who is often mistaken as objects making her  very angry. She does not like any students, except for Alan. Her catchphrase is "Quiet down". She is also a good athlete. Her real name is Helen Klench who is awfully friends with Mr. LeGustidos and Principal Sezno since she was a longtime best friend with Sezno, back then, she was obese.
  • Acting Principal Sezno: Voice of Kenan Thompson (English). The sassy "acting" principal of Tangamandapio Escuela who is serious. True to her surname, she rarely says "Yes" and her catchphrase is "No". She is also rather lazy as revealed by Bruno; lazy like Jaimito el cartero but not as lazy as Don Ramon which is why Bruno escapes from detention and expulsion since she hates paperwork, giving him a chance to let his crimes "slide". Her name is a pun on "acting principal says no". Her favorite student is Theo LaSaulle.
  • Mr. Deutschebog: Voice of Henry Winkler (English). A middle-aged German teacher who has very low self-esteem. Despite his troubles and worryness, Bruno always tries to brighten his day. It was revaled in an episode that he and Mr. Happy live inside the school. In the original Spanish and Japanese version, he is actually an English teacher, teaching everyone the English language. His catchphrase is "If I believed in reincarnation, I'd stop tonight". In the first course of the season, his name was Mr. Deutscheland for some reason, but his full name is still Willard Deutschebog. His favorite students are Alan Ramirez and Saburo Onukia.
  • Madame LaVache: Voiced by Tara Strong (English). The French teacher who teachs the classmates the French language. She only appeared in one episode.
  • Cram: Voiced by Candi Milo (English). The school's bulking lunchlady who usually makes "glop", a Spanish mystery meat that is states to make people big and strong. She also owns a kitten and often makes sweathers for her.
  • Senor Jorge: Voiced by Martin Short (English). A merchant who works in a Cuban convinence store known for their famous "flan refresco" recipe. He is named after Mexican animator Jorge Rodriguez.
  • Little Dog and Big Dog: Voiced by Brad Garrett (Big Dog) and Mark Schiff (Little Dog) (English). Two pairs of stray dogs; a dacschnud and an Old English Sheepdog who constantly try to find food, and they both like corn. They appear in the third segment of the second season.
  • Secret Squirrel: Voiced by Jess Harnell (impersonating Mel Blanc; returning) (English). A squirrel detective from the 1960s series of the same name, who works for an international undercover agency along with his sidekick, Morocco Mole. He is known by his codename "Agent Triple 0/Agent 000".
  • Morocco Mole: Voiced by Jim Cummings (impersonating Paul Frees; returning) (English). A grey mole who wears a fez and sunglasses from the 1960s serie sof the same name, who works for an international undercover agency along with his partner, Secret Squirrel.
  • Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones: Voiced by Phil LaMarr (replacing Chris Rock) (English). A white-blood cell cop who works as a police officer for the City of Roman, located in the body of Don Roman along with his partner Drix.
  • Drixenol "Drix" Koldriff: Voiced by Jeff Bennett (replacing David Hyde Pierce) (English). An intellegent cold pill who works as a police officer for the City of Roman, located in the body of Don Roman along with his partner Ozzy.
  • The Brady Bunch: Various voices. Based on the 1960s' family characters from the sitcom of the same name, they appear in animated form as next door neighbors to Bruno's Mexican house. They often talk about what they learn (family values) which their parents ask "What did they/we/you/the kids learn?" which they respond on their learning.
    • Greg Brady (voice of Rob Paulsen impersonating Barry Williams): The oldest brother who wears blonde hair and loves Martha more than anything else in the world.
    • Peter Brady (voice of Rob Paulsen impersonating Christopher Knight): The middle brother who has blonde hair and plays football in the house.
    • Bobby Brady (voice of Rob Paulsen impersonating Mike Lookinland): The youngest brother who has blonde hair and believed that Jesse James was a good role model until later.
    • Martha Brady (voice of Kate Soucie impersonating Maureen McCormick): Originally named Marcia, the oldest sister who has brown hair and loves Greg more than anything else in the whole world.
    • Jan Brady (voice of Kath Soucie impersonating Eve Plumb): The middle sister who is myopic and switched her father's plans for a Yogi Bear poster.
    • Cindy Brady (voice of Kath Soucie impersonating Susan Olsen): The youngest sister who owns a Penny Pees a Lot doll.
    • Mike Brady (voice of Rob Paulsen impersonating Robert Reed): The father of the Brady Bunch who is the chef at the house.
    • Carol Brady (voice of Kath Soucie impersonating Florence Henderson): The mother of the Brady Bunch who is the housewife.
    • Beatrice (voice of Candi Milo impersonating Ann B. Davis): Originally Alice, the masculine hulking housekeeper of the Brady Bunch.
  • Ping and Pong: Voice of Frank Welker. Ami and Toshiro's pet twin pandas sent to Bruno as gifts for his birthday. They speak in Chinese-like gibberish.
  • Kid Rock: Voice of himself. A caricature of himself as a werewolf in the Osmosis Jones scenes.
  • Joe C: Voice of himself. A caricature of himself as a chameleon in the Osmosis Jones scenes.
  • Moltu and Patlu: Two teenage brothers from Mumbai, India from the series of the same name which crossover to the Little Adventures of Bruno. They love eating samosas and they only speak in Hindi.
  • Ballroom Ghosts: Voice of Rodger Craig Smith (all). Three ghosts that lived in the ballroom of Tangamandapio Escuela during the 1980s to wish their friend, Charlene, a good luck on her internship. They set up the party for her but they parteyed so hard, there hearts stopped and they died. She could not make it to the ballroom due to this and the three became ghosts and haunted the ballroom for 20 years and keeping it the same for her return but they didn't know that she died from a car accident (Bruno know that because she was Miracle Grohe's aunt). They only do the same 1980s moves which are overstimulatingly powerful that Bruno, Jhack and Ami couldn't beat them. The ghosts are led by a Cuban man in a zoot suit named Emperor Johnny or EMPRR, along with a Caucasian man wearing window blinds for lenses named Cool Shadé and an African man with a tube-shaped afro named Daryl. They never party on Tuesdays as well.

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