Bruno Gets on Live (also known in Spanish as Bruno y los Bananamigos: Pone de Vivir, "Bruno and the Banana Bunch: Gets on Live" and also known in Japan as Burūno wa raibu de shutoku (ブルーノはLiveで取得, "Bruno Acquired by Live") is a 2012 3D Mexican/Japanese flash-animated anime special based on the cartoon series "Bruno and the Banana Bunch". The special was released in theatres on Spain, Mexico and Latin America in October 1, 2012, while the English version which has been produced has been released on DVD as "A New Bruno! Episode: Bruno Gets on Live" in October 10, 2012 in the United States. As of October 15, 2012, this special has yet to air in television on The Hub.

This special was animated, produced, released and English dubbed one month after the cancellation of the original Bruno series. Prior to this, the animation style is similar to that of the show's spin-off The Little Adventures of Bruno.


Don Ramon realizes that he needs a life; to escape from his boring existence as the unemployed widower with an old women who loves him, a mean women who slaps him in the face, a couple of annoying kids and a landlord always hunting him down for the rent. Bruno also feels the same way as he is poor and does not have any money. So, Don Ramon first tries to go to the Necaxa Disco Club to boggie down at the dance floor, but because of his nerdy dancing and geek moves, the audiences run away and a guy claims to him that "Disco is dead".

After watching an advertisement on TV, Don Ramon decides to attend "The Lorenzo School for the Personality Impaired" in which he meets a girl named Mona Lisa and they start a friendship/relationship. After seeing that, Dona Cleotilde plans to stop it.

Also, Bruno tries to figure out ways to have fun and but causes a little mischief which is ending up in a Pinocchio type of scenario.

New Characters

  • Mona Lisa: A student at the Lorenzo School for the Personality Impaired who met Don Ramon when he first came. As their friendship kept on going, she starts to have a crush on him (and vice versa) causing the two to go out on a date together. But Dona Cleotilde tried every trick of the book to stop her but all of the plans failed. But at the end, Don Ramon dumps Mona Lisa to hang out with Bruno. She cries at the end of the episode.
  • Nut Boy: A laidback hippie who enjoys eating freshed peanuts that have grown from the trees. He believes in world peace and is an animal activist in which he protects all of the animals. His real name has been revealed to be Quentito (Samuel in the English version) when Bruno started blabbering to the world about secrets. Nut Boy is also a smoker (replaced with drinking too much sugary sodas in the English version). His appearance is based off of Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo.
  • Janet: A teenage girl who is always seen with her eyes hidden from her brown hair and wears a pink hoodie with the hood on. She was a dancer at the Lorenzo School for the Personality Impaired with the popular girls. She has been seen as an EMO when with the popular girls but outside, she is a happy teenager. She can be seen at times sucking on a blue pacifier, even though the shield is bigger than her mouth but she still enjoys sucking on it, even is seens smiling while doing it. She reveals to Bruno that she is a raver (a party animal in the English version) and her dream is to dance like a "star" on television which is what she did during the celebration. Janet is the only girl in the popular group to stand up to the queen bee, Shannon as she is nice, not mean. The narrator states that Janet was born with a "silver spoon in her mouth" which the show replies by showing her happily sucking on her pacifier before talking to Toppi. Dondes seems to have a crush on her. She can dance the Macarena and is also good with the Hustle. Her raver costume shows her without the hooded jacket, with a Dr. Seuss hat based on the Cat in the Hat, a ripped up shirt, broken jeans, a different pacifier in her mouth, street sneakers and wearing a golden necklace with a J on it.
  • Lucignolo/Leonardo: A rebellion kid who knows how to survive on his own and is usually a lone-wolf. He has a record for theft because he always seen stealing candy and heart-shaped lollipops. Leonardo plans to go to "Fun Forever Land" where it's all play and no work or school, in which all the kids do is smoke, gamble and drink beer (changed to eat candy, drink soda and play video games in the English version). Towards the end of the scene, Leonardo has transformed into a donkey because of the side-effect of all naughty children who enter the world; they become donkeys and sold for hard labor. Leonardo is based on Lucignolo from Pinocchio. His appearance is based on stereotypical Mexican street rats.
  • Ned Cutler: A 12-year old boy born in Acapulco, where the school is located who looks exactly like Bruno but without the nails, face makeup and wears a bowler derby instead. His speech mannerism is based on Elmer Fudd's while his stuttering is based on Porky Pig from Looney Tunes. He served as a solider in the Acapulco War wielding a mighty bazooka.
  • Toppi: Janet's servant who is Afro-Mexican and she always agress with Janet, similar to like a yes-man. Her catchphrase is an exaggerated "YEEAAHH??!!!!" when agreeing with Janet. She also knows of Janet's soother sucking habits which is why she has an inventory of them so she wouldn't have to ask. Toppi's activities in her free time is waching television and reading some fancy novels.
  • Griff: A dog who was seen chasing Bruno when he turned into a cat. When Bruno (in cat form) went to Dog Jail, Griff caught him trying to escape (thinking he's gardening) and wants to have a fight with him. Bruno tries to tell him that he's not a cat stating that he's in Dog Jail. When Griff asked how are they both different in appearance, Bruno uses logic stating that if Bruno's a dog and there both different, than it makes him a cat. That fact shocked Griff making him think that it was all a lie causing him to act like a cat but ends up with the other dogs chasing him.
  • Irma: An elderly waitress at the local diner located near the coasts of Little Tokymexico and far coast near Acapulco. The diner is the spin-off's version of Dona Florinda's restaurant cafe. Irma is a waitress who makes meals with stuff that shouldn't be in there and serves food in a non-edible way. She is eccentric as her idea of a Chicken Surprise in a menu is wearing a "Chicken" costume and shouting "Surprise!". Similar to Dona Florinda, she sometimes abuses Don Ramon but with verbal abuse instead of physical abuse, calling him "Mr. Joker", "Mr. Picky" and/or "Disguisting Man". She always refers to her customers as "hon".
  • Hashimoto: A Japanese houseboy who is found in the Oriental city of "Sayanora" located in Acapulco, where the whole city is full of a Japanese population. Hashimoto seems to know Ami in the past, possibly events before she moved into Little Tokymexico. Hashimoto is a judu warrior, pottery maker and martial artists. He reveals in a story that he was born as an invisible baby and was hard to grow and learn succesfully, but he was popularized after defeating an evil Japanese army because of his ability. During sword training, he got hit in the head causing him to turn visible. Now, he turns invisible only by night time. His catchphrase is "Sayanora" (Japanese for "goodbye") when ever he leaves the scene.
  • Yakihito: A Japanese swordsmen who is Hashimoto's rival. He is skilled as a sumo wrestler and has an army of terra-cotta warriros to do his dirty work. Whenever he is angry, he starts shouting in pseudo-Japanese (although some of the words are real Japanese grammer and phrases). Similar to Hashimoto, Yakihito also owns a pottery class but it's not as popular as Hashimoto.


English Cast

  • Mona Marshall - Bruno Cortez, Miss Spinster, Ned Cutler, Irma
  • Doug Erholtz - Jhack Lemon, Mr. Limburger, Ricardo Perez
  • Kate Higgins - Mrs. Lemon, Sissy, Carmichael, Toppi, Mona Lisa, Irma, Debby Kang
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Franklin, Leonardo, Hashimoto
  • Bob Buchholtz - Professor Jirafales
  • Dave Mallow - Postman Pat, Mr. Stomacardo, Mr. Crookley
  • Samuel Vincent - Dondes Valges
  • Donald Grover - Rodolfo Madruga
  • Michelle Ruff - Zoe Pescadillo
  • Abbey DiGregio - Ami Onukia
  • Jason Harris - Griff, Nut Boy
  • Melissa Disney - Janet
  • Tom Kenny - Dancer, Slaves
  • Keone Young - Yakihito

Spanish Cast

  • Jesus Guzman - Bruno, Godinez (Carmichael), Ricardo Perez, Chente (Ned Cutler)
  • Sebastian Llapur - Maruko (Jhack), Don Ramon (Mr. Limburger), Rodolfo Madruga, Senor Hurtado (Mr. Crookley), Hashimoto
  • Diana Perez - Dona Florinda (Mrs. Lemon), La Popis (Sissy), Toppi, Mona Lisa, Zoe Pescadillo, Janet, Maria (Irma), Debby Kang
  • Janice Kawaye - Ami Onukia
  • Raul Anaya - Griff, Nut Boy, Yakihito
  • Mario Castaneda - Nono (Franklin), Dondes Valges, Lucignolo (Leonardo)
  • Pedro D'Aguillian Jr. - Professor Jirafales
  • Leonardo Garcia - Jaimito el cartero (Postman Pat)


  • Shake Your Paw by Jim Davis
  • Cotton Land by Warner Bros.
  • Íþróttaálfurinn by Magnus Scheving
  • Siggi Saeti by Magnus Scheving
  • Glanni Glaeper by Stefan Karl Stefannson
  • Cooking by the Book sung by Julianna Maurielo, Jodi Eichelberg, Guomunder Por Karason and Kobie Powell (credited as by Mona, Doug, Yuri and Kate).
  • Top Cat by Hannah Barbera


The original Spanish version where it is shown that Ami and Bruno were seen kissing was omitted in the bathroom.

Any references with Italian or Hispanic culture (unless it has to do with Zoe, an Italian character) was removed from the release.

All of the musical song scenes in which the language is Icelandic (such as Siggi Saeti) was either cut several parts of it or the scene was shortened with only the instrumental version of the song, due to language barriers and time consumption.

The "Top Cat" song was officially omitted due to copyrights with Hannah Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios. The song was replaced with the 1971 theme song for "El Chavo" instead.

The scenes featuring the black-skinned cotton pickers was removed from theaters but were digitally remastered in the DVD release to have light skin, also their African American accents were redubbed to different voices.


  • This special was produced one month after the cancellation of the origina Bruno series and the series premiere of the spin-off. As of October 2012, this special has yet to air in The Hub in the United States.
  • This is the first time Don Ramon has finally succeded on hooking up with a girl.
  • Disco lost it's popularity in 1976, how can they listen to disco music at the present time? Although an audience member did inform Don Ramon that "disco's dead", but this can be a coincidence.
  • At one scene, Janet was seen with her pacifier in her mouth but when Bruno accidentally punched her in the stomache, it disappeared. Then, it reappeared again.
  • Some of the scenes such as the cotton pickers, Janet appearing with a pacifier because of the "silver spoon in her mouth" idiom and Ned Cutler's appearance is based on the Looney Tunes short, Confederate Honey.
  • Griff's scene with Bruno was actually based on a Top Cat movie which like this special was animated in Mexico.
  • First episode where both Bruno's love interest (Ami and Zoe) meet together. Both actors are speaking in gibberish approximating the language there foreign characters are suppose to speak when performing.
  • This special proves that Ami Onukia and Zoe Pescidillo both love and have a crush on Bruno.
  • This is the only episode that shows Bruno without his makeup and nails for the majority number of times, other than the movie.
  • Irma was originally a Garfield-original comic stript character.
  • Because of the song "Cooking by the Book" (copyright of Magnus Schneving of Laytown Entertainment), Godinez is referred to as Megabaet throguhout the English version of the film, which is actually an Icelandic name for Pixel in the second play that Lazytown was based on.
  • Bruno's favorite heroes (El Chapulin Colorado, The Tanukis and El Justiciero Enmascarada) make cameo appearances in the film. Other characters such as La Chompiras, Chaparron Bonaparte and Dr. Chapatin appear as well but they do not speak.
  • One of the rare Bruno episodes to feature anime cliches which is unlikely as most of the production of the show is at Mexico.
  • There are many running gags from the show in this movie:
    • Students giving apples to Professor Jirafales for good grades.
    • Nono asks for permission to use the bathroom.
    • Nono comes back and accidentally sits on Bruno causing another fight.
    • Bruno's ill-timed last words during the fight
    • Professor Jirafales crying
    • Jhack tops Bruno
    • Jhack's Just Dessurts
    • Don Ramon takes the blame
    • Bruno getting scared
    • Dona Florinda and Professor Jirafales' relationship
    • Jhack unable to breathe due to the relationship occuring
    • Jhack accidentally calling Prof. Jirafales "Papa" instead of professor
    • Senor Barriga and Bruno
    • Adults demanding the kids to leave
    • Bruno and Jhack's crush on Ami
    • The Witch of 71 scaring everybody
    • Jaimito el cartero avoiding fatigue
    • Don Ramon escaping Senor Barriga
  • Don Roman (Chris Desktop) made a cameo appearance in one scene but did not speak.


  • Man: (to Don Ramon) Hey, jerk! Disco is dead.
  • Don Ramon: WHATTT????!! WHEENN???!!! (walks to Bruno) You learn a whole new dance, then zango, fourteen years later, they change it.
  • Bruno: Go figure.

  • Slave: (after his son gives him two pieces of cotton) Don't get too ambitious there son. (son takes one piece of cotton away) That's better. (puts cotton in basket)
  • Narrator: The colonel also had a daughter; Janet. Janet was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
  • Janet: (sucks on her blue pacifier four times then takes it out of her mouth) best. Hurray, hurray, Toppi. Today I wanna look my best.
  • Toppi: Yo, sure done look scrumptious, missy!!!

  • Attendant: (to Ned) Hey, mista. You forgot your horse.

  • Irma: What'll ya have hon?
  • Don Ramon: I'll have the spaghetti, Irma.
  • Irma: Would you like that on a plate?
  • Don Ramon: OF COURSE I DO!!!!
  • Bruno: I'll just have a small slice of life, thank you.

  • Don Ramon: Irma, there's a hair in my soup.
  • Irma: How do I know it isn't one of yours??!!
  • Don Ramon: (holding a hair roller with the piece of hair on it) Mrs. Lemon and I use smaller rollers.

  • Don Ramon: Irma, there's a hair in my chicken salad.
  • Irma: (observes the salad with her glasses and stops smirking) Nice try, Mr. Joker. Chickens don't have hair.
  • Bruno: (raising his hand) All in favor of leaving...

  • Zoe: (drinking soup) Molto bono! Yum!

  • Griff: (to Bruno) Going somewhere?
  • Bruno: I'm just doing a little gardening to fresh up the joint. You know how it is?
  • Griff: Your gardenings gonna have to wait. Cuz youz and mez gotz a scores to settles, cat. (throws tools on floor and prepares to fight)
  • Bruno: You are you calling a cat?
  • Griff: I'm calling youz a cat.
  • Bruno: You are clearly mistaken my friend. I'm not a cat. I'm in Dog Jail, arent I? (sign says: Dog Jail. Dogs Only)
  • Griff: I guess.
  • Bruno: Well, how can I be a cat, when I'm in Dog Jail?
  • Griff: Then how come you look...different from me?
  • Bruno: I didn't want to mention this to the other fellas but if I'm a dog, and I think we just agreed that I am, and you look different than me, which you do, I'm afraid that makes you...a CAT!

  • Don Ramon: (flashback to how Irma and Don Ramon met) Waitress, this potato is bad.
  • Irma: (smacking the potato) BAD POTATO! BAD POTATO! Sir, if that potato gives you anymore trouble, you just let me know.
  • Bruno: There goes her tip.

  • Jhack: (after getting strucked by lighting) AAAHHH!!! At least lightning never strikes the same place twice... (gets struck again)

  • Jhack: Everybody's here, Bruno. Except for Jhack.
  • Bruno: Your Jhack.

  • Policeman: Cops think Bruno is innocent.

  • Irma: How's life been treating you, hon, since your visits to Acapulco?
  • Don Ramon: It's excellent. I got a girlfriend now, Irma.
  • Irma: Really??? Hmmm... (observes Bruno) I think she needs a shave, hon.
  • Bruno: I wouldn't talk with legs like those either... HON!!!!

  • Don Ramon: My third attempt to score chicks. Boy am I starved.
  • Irma: Here ya'are hon. (gives Don Ramon a cheeseburger with fries and gives Bruno a ham sandwich)
  • Don Ramon & Bruno: Thanks, Irma. (Irma seen staring at Don Ramon's food)
  • Don Ramon: Uh, Irma...
  • Irma: Don't mind me, hon. I think I lost a false eyelash in here somewhere. (Irma touches the food with her finger making Don Ramon upset)
  • Bruno: Sardi's this aint.

  • Don Ramon: Look, I don't have any money. So, put it on credit. How's it going, Irma?
  • Irma: (running excitedly) Great! I just won the fast-food service division of the waitress awards!!! (slips on a banana peel) WAH-HA!!!!
  • Bruno: Sardi's this aint.

  • Jhack: (opens the bathroom door and screams) AAAHHH!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Bruno: (Ami and him both sitting on each others laps) Were just playing leap frog?!
  • Ami: (in Japanese) Imparil fool, your eyes of the British mane do bleed the sorrow as you will not seen.
  • Jhack: (holding a cell phone) Wait till Mr. Limburger hears about this?!!!

  • Franklin: Bruno's on his way. He went to the store to buy fruit.
  • Janet: (makes a large suck on her pacifier and takes it out of her mouth) I don't understand, Bruno is poor. How did he get the money to pay for it?
  • Franklin: I lend it to him. It was thanks to him that I didn't get my face broken!
  • Janet: Bruno really stopped someone from beating you up?
  • Franklin: (flashback shows Bruno threatening Franklin) Yeah, it was when he said "Either you lend me the money or I'll break your face".
  • Janet: Oh yeah, so he's a hero!!
  • Bruno: Pipipipipi... (slips on a banana peel causing him to push Janet and Godinez on the floor) It slipped out sorry.
  • Janet: (mocking him) "It just slipped out..." That excuse is getting old.

  • Professor Jirafales: Bruno, you get no swimming time today.
  • Bruno: But why me?
  • Professor Jirafales: For being a bully.
  • Bruno: Always me. Always, Always.
  • Professor Jirafales: Stop!
  • Bruno: (pointing at Franklin) And it's cuz that meatball sat on me.
  • Professor Jirafales: BRUNO!
  • Bruno: It's a good thing I didn't eat breakfast or he would've squeezed it right out of me?!!
  • Professor Jirafales: QUUIEEET?!!!!!!!

  • Don Ramon: Look, I just need a little more belly, Mr. Compassion. I mean... a little compassion, Mr. Stomacardo. You know that I'm not working right?
  • Mr. Stomacardo: Then, why don't you go out to look for a job?
  • Don Ramon: Well, uhhh, you see... I...
  • Bruno: No cuz, he might actually find one.
  • Don Ramon: Shut your pie hole. I'll handle this.

  • Don Ramon: Irma, the men's room is out of soup.
  • Irma: Thanks, Hon. (Bruno and Don Ramon put their hands on the counter calmly and Irma comes in rushingly yelling scaring Don Ramon and Bruno is seen smirking) HANDS OFF THE COUNTER!!

  • Dona Florinda: I'll have you know I am a very respectable women and I do not associate with lowlives. Now keep your disgusting habits inside your disgusting apartment you disgusting man, you hear? YOUR DISGUSTING!!! (slaps Don Ramon and goes away)

  • Bruno: I'm surrounded by idiots.
  • Jhack: Somebody called me?

  • Hashimoto: Sayanora?!

  • Judge: I hear by condemed you LIFE IN PRISON!!!
  • Man: Hmmm... looks good. I'd like to buy a dog.
  • Vendor: should. It's made from beef and hog. So, my pal, here's your dog. Enjoy!
  • Man: Oh, I shall. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. (Bruno snaps the dog and the cart and eats 20 sausages)
  • Bruno: That Is WRONG SIR!!! I ate 19 hot dogs and a knackwurst.

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