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Bruno the monkey and his parents go to a video store where Bruno sees a 1995 Muppet Family Christmas VHS, he pleads for it but his parents say no. Bruno screeches out a loud tantrum and he is sent to his room. The next day, Bruno and his parents go to a toy store where bruno sees a 1996 Sodor Cargo Ship. He begs for it but his parents said no. Bruno shrieks out another loud tantrum and the police take him to jail.


  • Narrator: One day, Bruno and his parents went to a video store. When Bruno saw a 1995 Muppet Family Christmas VHS, it happened.
  • Bruno: (In monkey language) Bruno want Muppet Family Christmas VHS.
  • Bruno's Mommy: Nah!
  • Bruno's Daddy: And you have many Muppet videos at home.
  • Bruno: (Monkey Screech) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOH!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bruno's Parents: YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: And so Bruno was locked in his room, the next day.....
  • Bruno: (In Monkey Language) Bruno want 1996 Sodor Cargo Ship train.
  • Bruno's Mommy: No, Bruno. You have many Thomas trains at home.
  • Bruno's Daddy: And those trains cost money.
  • Bruno: (monkey screech) OOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
  • Bruno's Parents: YOU SUCK, BRUNO!!!!!!
  • Bruno: (Tarzan yell) OOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! AAA! AAAA!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Then Bruno's parents ran away from Bruno's tantrums, as the crocodile police came into the scene.
  • Crocodile Police #1: HEY! What're YOU doing at the toy store?!?!
  • Bruno: (Growls) OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHAAAAAHA!!!!!!
  • Crocodile Police #2: Officer Croc, we need to put Bruno in the jail, right now.
  • Sheriff Zebra: We're going to wrap you in toilet paper, Bruno!
  • Bruno: AAAAAHH!!!!! (In Monkey Lanuguage) Bruno feel like mummy.
  • Crocodile Police 1&2:!!!!!!

more coming soon

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