Bruno and the Harvast Feast is a Mexican animated television special based on the series, The Little Adventures of Bruno. Unlike the previous works, this was English and Icelandic dubbed before being presented in Spanish. It aires on The Hub on special breaks. The special was made in a low-budget due to time consumptions. Mona Marshall reprises her role as Bruno. Janice Kawaye, Andrew Ranells, Nick Kroll, Cheri Oteri, Stefan Karl Stefannson and Will Arnett could not reprise their roles as Ami Onukia, Jhack Lemon, Andrew LeGustambos, Helen Klench, Mr. Crookley and Ennis Hofftard due to their characters are being presented in different costumes and roles. Abby DiGregio, Jeff Bennett, Steve Little, Megan Fahlenback, Christian Potenza and Scott McNeil replaced them for this special only. Despite being a special, it's only 15 minutes long.


Bruno has been crowned the Chairman of Cheer at Tangamandapio's Harvast Festival, being expected to see the Harvast Hog at the Harvast Feast. But theres one problem, he cannot go to the Harvast play. Bruno must sneak into the play without being noticed.


  • Mona Marshall as Bruno
  • Abby DiGregio as Ami (replacement for Janice Kawaye; returns for Spanish dub)
  • Jeff Bennett as Jhack (replacement for Andrew Rannells)
  • Scott McNeil as Ennis Hofftard (replacement for Will Arnett)
  • Tom Kenny as Happy
  • Steve Little as Andrew LeGustambos (replacement for Nick Kroll)
  • Megan Fahlenback as Helen Klench (replacement for Cheri Oteri)
  • Christian Potenza as Mr. Crookley (replacement for Stefan Karl Stefannson; returns for Icelandic dub)
  • Gudmunder Thor Karason as Rodolfo Madruga
  • Jason Bateman as Larry Littlejunk
  • Kristen Chenoweth as Miracle Grohe


  • This is the only special in Bruno that's only 15 minutes long.
  • Abby DiGregio played Ami Onukia during the majority of the final seasons of the original "Bruno" series, meaning she's one of the only ones from the original series to reprise her roles.
  • The only faculty members that did not appear are Sue Sezno and Stuart Prozakian. Willard Deutschebog had a non speaking cameo at the audience view.
  • Rodolfo, Happy and Jhack had small bits, despite being main characters in the show.
  • Despite the commotion, the Harvast Hog did not appear at all.
  • Canadian actors voiced parts of the show due to Nelvana doing the limited animation (not too limited though).
  • This is the only Bruno episode of the third season not animated by Rough Draft Korea Co due to the budget.

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