EU Institutions and other EU bodies in Brussels area are the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Councilium, the Committee of the Regions, the Economic & Social Committee, etc (to add here).

People working there usually live in the municipalities of Brussels Capital, of Flemish Brabant and of Walloon_Brabant, although some might leave sometimes further.


Brussels European Schools: Uccle (I), Woluwé (II), |Ixelles (III), Laeken (IV), 'future Brussels V'.

Belgian schools: see Dutch speaking schools on Vlaams Onderwijs Centrum Brussel and French speaking schools on I.D.J. (Association pour l'information et la documentation des jeunes et du grand public).

Other schools (not exhaustive list): German School of Brussels (Wezembeek-Oppem), Japanese School of Brussels (Beaulieu), Jean Monnet French School of Belgium - Lycée Français (Uccle), Prinses Juliana Dutch School (1040), Scandinavian School of Brussels - Ecole Reine Astrid (Rhode-St.-Genèse), Brussels English Primary School (1050), Waterloo Montessori School (Waterloo), Montessori House Brussels (1150), St.John's International School (Waterloo), the International School of Brussels (Boitsfort), British School of Brussels (Tervuren), EEC International School (1040), Open University (1040), Vesalius College (1050) Boston University Brussels (1090) European University - EEC College (1050)

Higher eductaion: College of Europe (Bruges), Management Centre Europe (1040), European Business School (1060), European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (1050).

Children activities

See also activities organised with the Brussels European Schools.

Outdoor centres:

  • Internal to the institutions: European Interinstitutional Centre (Overijse) - for 4 to 14 years old (Easter & summer holidays); and AEP – Centre national de vacances (Evere) - for teenagers (second and third weeks of July).
  • Plaines de jeux, organised by each municipalities (communes) during Belgian school holidays.

Babies & toddlers facilities


After-school childcare internal to the institutions: Beaulieu (EC), Genève (EC), Ixelles European School, Uccle European School, Wilson & Van Maerlant (EC), Woluwé European School.

Health care


Social clubs

Some of the following clubs of the EU institutions might also be relevant for children (possibly older) & families:

Other clubs are obviously more adult oriented: Mus (Spanish), Art, Bridge Chamber music, Pensée libre pour l'Europe, Sewing & couture, Photo, Chess, Theatre, Genealogy & heraldic, Litterature (including leisure library). Idem for the Sports clubs: Athletics, Hiking, Aviation, Horse riding, Badminton, Martial Arts, Basketball, Physical Education, Bowling, Sailing, Climbing Sports, Diving, Squash, Football, Swimming, Gliding, Table Tennis, Golf, Volley ball, Gym'danse, Yoga, ...


Oxfam; Armée du Salut (Salvation Army); Mon jouet pour un ami; La Main à la Pâte - L'Atelier jouets; ...

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