Laurie Bubble Ewald has been the franchise figure for the Seattle Rhinos for more than 15 years.

Winner of the best defenceman award for more than 5 times, he is believed to be the most complete defenceman to play the game. Of course, it's an arguable debate, since he started to play during the first era of the league.

The day he retired, the league decided to celebrate the fact by electing him in the EHL Hall Of Fame and by declaring the Day Of The Bubble, which happens during the regular season. The Seattle Rhinos and their opponents play in a giant bubble in which the air is filled with helium. Those games always bring a huge crowd and produce some hilarious moments.

Laurie Ewald got is nickname during his third season when, while playing against the Boston Madcats, in Boston, when a fan of the opposite team threw some bubble bath soap on the ice and made Ewald slip on it. The story might have been forgotten if it was not for the fact that Ewald swallowed some soap and, during an interview in between periods, started to make bubbles while talking to the reporter. The legend was born.

Laurie Ewald is now vice-president of the EHL and occupies this function with great pride.

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