• Goby as Bob The Tomato (Goby and Bob are both stars of the show)
  • Gil as Larry The Cucumber (Gil and Larry are best friends)
  • Skip as Junior Asparagus
  • Mr. Grouper as Archibald Asparagus
  • Oona as Laura Carrot
  • Señor Rana as Mr. Lunt (Both speak of a Spanish accent)
  • The Rockband Lobsters as Jimmy and Jerry Gourd
  • Molly as Madame Blueberry
  • Deema as Petunia Rhubarb
  • Avi as Pa Grape
  • Farmer Joe as Mr. Nezzer
  • Nonny and Firefighter Gil as The French Peas
  • Mr. Grumpfish as Qwerty
  • Little Fish as The Scallions
  • Sandy and Jimmie as Mom and Dad Asparagus
  • Party Squirrel as Scooter
  • Stylee and Princess Molly as Mabel and Penelope
  • Avi's Mother as Lovely Asparagus
  • Libby Asparagus as Herself

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