Measuring Stickiness

Q: Is there a measure for stickiness? And if so what level of sticky is something that sticks to a non-stick pan?

In an effort to answer this I am devising a new scale to measure stickiness: the "Buchanan Stickiness Scale".


  • "Zero degress Buchanan" is not very sticky at all - about as sticky as a melting ice cube, which just happens to be the same in celsius!
  • Stickiness can be negative as well as positive. This is just super slippery, not repellant.

Scale Examples

Feel free to add your own sticky suggestions in the crorrect positions, this is very much work in progress. And ultimately a complete waste of time.

  • 0˚B - Watery ice (i.e. not very sticky)
  • ?˚B - Blue Tack
  • ?˚B - Toffee (at room temperature)
  • ?˚B - Sellotape
  • ?˚B - Super glue (whilst your are applying)

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