Name: Buck Zeidman A.K.A. BuckSkywalker2012

Appearance: Black jacket over red t-shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers.

History: he was experimented on by aliens as a child, and the experiments gave him the ability to turn into a Twilit, a black creature with 9 red eyes, shadowy tentacles snaking from his head. A Twilit is the size of a Polar Bear. It has huge black claws that can cut through most anything, and can jump over an entire city if it wants to. In his human form, he uses a green lightsaber to slice his enemies. His father was a Jedi and trained him in the ways of the force. Buck only turns into a Twilit when his pulse rate reaches over 200, just like the Hulk. He can also turn into one and back freely at nighttime.

His penis is also 9 micrometers and can fit into almost any 7 year old boy.

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