The universe of Buck Rogers XXVC [1] has made substantial contact with Transdimensional Void Runners from the Universe of the Magisterium, the universe of Empire of the Solar Throne, the parallel-universe United Earth Regime from the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System, the United Republic of Earth from the universe of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe, and magic users from the Harry Potter universe [2] (see also Harry Potter Universe in TVR).

This universe's Earth is controlled by the Mars-based Russo-American Mercantile (RAM), a cross between private megacorporation and socialist government. RAM's control of Earth is being contested by the New Earth Organization (NEO) which includes Buck Rogers as a leader. The Hesychast monks and nuns want to expand Official Magisterium influence here so they reach out to RAM, oppose NEO, and advise RAM rulers to ease up on their Earth rule. The A.I. machines from the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne are also pro-RAM, wanting to cultivate transdimensional allies. The United Earth Regime and the United Republic of Earth, on the other hand, want to free this Earth from RAM tyranny, so they support the NEO rebels. The witchs and wizards from the Harry Potter universe tend to be more or less neutral regarding the RAM-NEO war.

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