Bucky Hensletter is one of the Norrisville High students, the love interest of Sashi Kobayashi and the triangle player appearing in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Voiced by Scott Menville, he has blond hair and black eyes and his outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved shirt, blue shorts, white socks and black shoes. At his age, he is about 14-years-old.


  • Mrs. and Mr. Hensletter (Parents)
  • Sashi Kobayashi (Love Interest)
  • Flute Girl (Total Crush)


  1. Being perfect to Sashi
  2. Choosing whatever he does
  3. Admiring his triangle


  1. The way he is rejected
  2. Losing his band triangle
  3. Getting choked


  • He is voiced by the same guy who earlier voiced Anderson Sempe from Accidentally Adventures.

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