Many Buddhist sects believe in reincarnation which is a rebirth of the soul. While I (Kurt Kawohl) do not subscribe to that principle, I highly respect their philosophy and outside of that concept, in my humble opinion, their belief is beyond reproach.

Once the soul is born, it either continues it's journey with God in eternity or it dies. Reincarnation is the embellishment of a vivid imagination. The subconscious mental process sometimes during a state of revival projects images such as those recalled in dreams to the conscious forefront of the mind. These images can at times be subconsciously transmitted to another individual, though being contingent on the reception capabilities of the receiver. Evidence of this has been shown by closely related persons, such as between mother and child or twins. Similarly, when someone emphatically desires attention or wishes to be elevated from their meager surroundings, the subconscious mind can sometimes project visions, the same as the prophets or so-called Holy Men physically claiming to having conferred with God; Self hypnosis is also a feasible explanation.

Our spirit is the only one capable of receiving inspiration or capable of establishing lines of communication with the Spirit of God. Our "deserving" spirit or soul, at a point of physical imminent death, enters the spiritual realm to be with the Supreme Spirit, (God, or whatever one desires to call him/it) which is a spiritual collective society of souls or spirits, a government, consisting of Pure Intelligence, Pure Logic, the Ultimate or Supreme Spirit. Any soul or spirit, upon a person's physical death, that does not bond or is not transmitted by us and received by The Supreme Spirit, ceases to exist. The Law of Karma provides the essentials for preparing our spirit to be bonded with The Supreme Spirit; it is the principle and law of nature or the natural world.

Understanding the Law of Karma requires deep meditation whereby the spirit can receive inspiration and enlightenment. Good karma helps to cleanse our spirit so that it can be transmitted; it helps by establishing lines of communications so that the spirit or soul can be received by The Supreme Spirit.

Souls do not come back on Earth to pay for their misdeeds or to enjoy benefits of good deeds. People who are born with defects, die young sometimes, go through pain in life or are born as princess or share name and fame has nothing to do with any spiritual influences. This thought process was established through superstitions and is similar to the beliefs of religions who think that God punishes or rewards people in similar ways.

Sufferings sometimes help our spirit to meditate, reflect, contemplate, think about establishing a closer relationship to the Ultimate or Supreme Spirit; this process can also be achieved through joy, happiness or bliss, as when experiencing ecstasy.

The person is an illusion only in virtual reality, not in actual reality. Existence is reality. When existence ceases, that what remains is an illusion in the physical dimension or to the mind. The Ultimate Reality is spiritual and an illusion to the physical reality.

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