Buddy and Amy somehow got the power to send stuff to the moon, but now they've gone to far! To make sure Fox doesn't find out, they try to send him away, but something goes wrong!....

Buddy and Amy: 5, 6, 7, 8!...

Usin' our power in your face!

Sendin' you back to your place!

Don't look at our crotches

While we syncronize our watches!

Boop boop boop

Boop bweep boop

Boop bweep bweep boop!

Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep!


(A bit of a pause)

Go away Fox, it's time for you to go away!

Buddy: It's time for you to go to your room!

Amy: Yeah Fox, it's time for you to go to the moon!

(Fox vanishes)

Buddy and Amy: AAAHH!!

Buddy: Dude, where'd you send him!?

Amy: I just said what you said! You said moon, right?

Buddy: I just wanted him to go to his room! Quick! Bring him back!

Amy: I can't do that!

Buddy: Why not!?

Amy: Well I can't see him!


  • Buddy (MySims) as Mordecai
  • Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) a Rigby
  • Fox (StarFox) as Skips

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