Buddy and Sonic Get in a Yo Momma Fight!!!

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Sonic was trying to be cool, but he was becoming a jerk, so Buddy decided to stop him....

Buddy: Nuh-uh! No you didn't no you didn't no you didn't! That's it-I said that's it Sonic! You have called down the THUNDER! And you have left me no choice!.....But to start ranking on your momma! Your momma's so ugly, people go a her for Halloween!

Crowd: Oooooh!

Sonic: Well your momma's so stupid, she sold her car for gas money! YEAH!!

Crowd: Ooooh!

Buddy: Your momma's so ugly, she made an onion cry!

Crowd: Hahahaha!!

Sonic: Your momma's so ugly, she turned Medusa to stone!

Buddy: Your momma's so stupid, she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept!

Sonic: Well, your mom--

Buddy: Your momma's so ugly, she looked out a window and got arrested for mooning!

Sonic: Uh, y-your--

Buddy: Your momma's so stupid, she'd cheat off of Mario's test!

Mario: Hehehehe!

Sonic: Uh, uh!!.......

Buddy: Now let me tell you somethin'! Your so ugly....I said she's SO ugly....She needs 2 bags to cover her face! Mm-hm! That the pound wouldn't take her! No they wouldn't! That Daisy wouldn't drink her blood!

Daisy: Daisy wouldn't touch her with Wario's teeth!



  • Buddy (MySims) as Irwin's Gramma
  • Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) as the Principal
  • Daisy (Mario Bros.) as Dracula
  • Mario (Mario Bros.) as Billy
  • Wario (WarioWare) as Wolfman (Mentioned Only)


  • This is a parody of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    • I might do a Yo Momma Jokes parody not from Billy and Mandy, so this will not count as part of that

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