Buddy, Pinky, and Violet showed up late to a meeting with Goth Boy, Yuki, and Travis. Then Buddy talks about 8. Parody of Soul Eater.

Goth Boy: You show up 3 hours late and you expect me to give you a tour? If you'd had come at 7, like I said, you could have done some sight-seeing for yourselves.

Buddy: What did you say? 7? DON'T SAY 7!!! SAY 8 DARN IT!!! 8 IS BETTER!!!

Goth Boy: What the?...

Buddy: It is IMPOSSIBLE to divide the number 7 into two equal parts! But 8 when divided vertically OR horizontally stays PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL!! I'm begging you! Just say 8! Please?!

Goth Boy: Uh...Is there something wrong with this guy?

Violet: Yes, he's absolutely insane.

Pinky: Ahahahahaha!!


  • Goth Boy as Soul
  • Buddy as Death the Kid
  • Violet Nightshade as Liz Thompson
  • Pinky as Patty Thompson

Mentioned, But Not in Parody

  • Yuki as Maka Albarn
  • Travis as Black * Star

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