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New Characters

  • Musha The Baggage Towing Truck (Dell's Girlfriend)
  • Dumpy The Dump Truck
  • Larry The Lorry
  • Callum The Mobile Crane
  • Archie The Fire Helicopter
  • ANA The Japanese Boeing Jet Plane
  • Jack The Bulldozer
  • Sikorsky Skycrane (Orange)
  • Stozzy The Red and White Silly Plane
  • Amelia The Ambulance
  • Percy The Police Car
  • Livvy Lou The Sea Plane
  • Megan Foley The Police Sea Plane
  • Budge The Hospital Helicopter
  • Ronald The Army Plane
  • British Royal Train (Based on British Rail Class 67)
  • Ted The Intercity Train (From Season 1)
  • Forky The Forklift
  • Quater The Quadbike
  • Tony The Bus
  • Bubbles The Clown Helicopter
  • Rocky The Wright Flyer
  • William The Red Arrow Jet
  • Guppo The New Stunt Plane
  • Tommy The Tank Lorry
  • Cameron The Combine Harvestor
  • Sid The Skip Carrier
  • Ronnie The Steam Roller
  • Tipper the Tipper Truck
  • Oliie the Flatbed Lorry
  • Stan the Steam Shovel
  • Bluey The Brick Wagon
  • Simon the Snowplough Truck
  • Charlie The Tower Crane
  • Gorgy the Grader
  • Hercules the Tugboat (From TUGS)
  • Earl the Earth Scraper
  • Diggy the Excavator
  • Chopper the Bucket Wheel Excavator
  • Top Hat the Excavator
  • Clark the Tow Truck
  • Bob the Freight Train (Based on British rail Class 66)
  • Stinky The Garbage Truck (From Matchbox)
  • Mark the Monster Truck
  • Gerald The Cooking Van
  • Mick the Milk Float
  • Sammy The Space Shuttle
  • Splash the Amphibous Vehicle
  • Dyfan the Welsh Plane
  • Jock the Scottish Plane
  • Mini The Van
  • Lenny the Space Buggy
  • Budgie Jr the Little Helicopter (Budgie's Son)
  • Timmy The School Bus
  • Cargo the Container Ship
  • Harpy the Harbour Crane
  • Enivieve The Black French Bi Plane
  • Slikk the German Bi Plane
  • Charlk The Purple Helicopter
  • Gordon The Car Transporter
  • Al The Goodyear Blimp (From Cars)
  • Duncan The Sopwith camel
  • James the German Bi Plane
  • Grace the Airport Towing Vehicle
  • Terry the Taxi Car
  • Nuri the Motorbike
  • Icy the Ice Cream Truck
  • Katie the Camper Van
  • Picky the Pick Up Truck
  • Johnny The Cool Plane
  • Swipper the Street Sweeper
  • Mick the Container Truck
  • Victor the Paint Truck
  • Helga the New Zealand Helicopter
  • Captain Bob the Fire Plane
  • Spinner the joker Helicopter
  • VW The VW Bus
  • Pumper the Yellow Fire Truck (Smokeys Brother)
  • Swoosh The Blue and Yellow Plane
  • Golfy the Golf Cart
  • Leopold the Preschool Bus
  • Spinners Boss The Blue Helicopter
  • Bully The Space Pirate Spaceship (From Tayo the Little Bus)
  • Rex The Sports Car

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