Buffalo bullets
Pabst cup


The Buffalo Bullets were born with the EHL itself. Greatly struggling in their first years lurking at the bottom of the standings, with time they have assembled one of the most impressive line-ups in the league which brought them to defeat the Minneapolis 58ers to win the Season 11 Pabst Cup.

They have tried to repeat the feat in the following seasons without success. Playing great in regular season ranking high in their division, they haven't made it through the second round. The all offensive style of the Bullets might be slightly lacking in defense.

Recent changes might help that. With the addition of Dallas Rebels star forward Steve Braggams, veteran Milo Knudsen and goalie Shandon Woods drafted recently who is turning out a tremendous puckstopper which should help tighten play in the back end. So if things don't work out better this season, head coach Mark Stevenson will probably lose his job.

Buffalo Bullets Notable Players

Casey York

Vince Skidmore

Blitz Lesneven

Milo Knudsen

Steve Braggams

Shandon Woods

Wes Thodesen

Pentti Vanmanen

Buffalo Bullets Past Notable Players

Barney Lacasse now with Montreal Tyrans

Buffalo Bullets Uniform

Buffalo uniform

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