Akane gingerly eased herself into the hot spring, letting the heat sooth her aching muscles.She was amazed at how sore she was all over; in many spots she never knew she even had muscles.It was nearly enough to make a girl swear off the type of exercising she’d been doing lately.Only nearly though, as the orgasms were more than enough to make up for the pain.


She found a nice flat rock to sit on that left her head out of the water while the rest of her body was submerged.This trip to was probably one of Ranma’s best ideas yet.A little sightseeing, a little relaxation, and oodles of privacy were just what she needed.It had been getting harder to get some private time with her lover lately.


Closing her eyes, Akane savored the quiet.Of course, after two days together, nearly half of that in bed with each other, it was nice to get to spend some time by herself.She did love Ranma, and loved spending time with him, but every now and then one needed a break.She was sure Ranma appreciated it too.She grinned slyly as she recalled him walking slightly bowlegged as they went down to the baths.Of course, she wasn’t exactly walking straight either.


The peace was interrupted by someone else entering the spring.Akane couldn’t quite make out who it was through the steam, but it seemed like this newcomer was walking a little bowlegged herself.She smiled, feeling a strange sort of sisterhood with this woman she didn’t know.A rather girly urge to gossip about their lovers welled up within her, but she tamped down on it.It was none of her business after all.


The other woman was coming closer, and through the steam, Akane could just about make out her face.Her jaw dropped when she finally did make out who it was approaching, and she felt a twinge of anger rise.Why exactly was Ukyo walking bowlegged?


Ukyo blinked in surprise in seeing Akane sitting there.She smiled at her one time rival.“Hey Akane!What are you doing here?”


“I’m here with Ranma if you must know,” she answered waspishly.She wasn’t about to lose him to her now that she finally had him.“And what are you doing here?”


Ukyo was taken aback at the blunt answer, and tried to wave off Akane’s concern.“Woah take it easy Akane,” she said.“I’m not here with Ranma.I’m here with my own boyfriend.”


Akane’s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.“Wait… what boyfriend?”Then she remembered the dance.“You mean Daisuke?Or was it Hiroshi?”


Ukyo blushed hard.Akane could see that the blush went down to her belly.There was something she was missing here.That urge to gossip came back, but this time she accepted it.“Wait, you said you were at the dance with both of them.Are you still…?”


Ukyo sighed, found her own rock to sit on across from Akane and started to spill.“Yes, we’re trying something different.Both of them are really great guys, and I didn’t really want to choose between them, so I didn’t.They both know, and are both fine with the arrangement.I’m here with Hiroshi this weekend, and next weekend Daisuke has something planned for us.”


Akane nearly face faulted into the water.Two boys?She’d just barely gotten used to the idea that one wasn’t so bad after all.A nagging thought started eating away at her.“Ummm… what about… you know…”


“Two at once?” said a voice from behind a rock.“Damn, Ukyo, I gotta admit I’m a little jealous.”Akane and Ukyo peered through the steam to find out who was eavesdropping, and were surprised to see Nabiki, a tray holding a bottle of hot sake floating in the water beside her.“And Akane, you’re here with Ranma.Ha!You must have seen the brochure I had left out for this place when I was planning for my weekend with Mousse.”


“Mousse?Your mystery boyfriend is Mousse?” Akane asked incredulously.


“Ayah!So it is Nabiki that Shampoo has to thank for getting Mousse off her back!”This time everybody recognized the voice of the woman in the steam.Shampoo came bounding into the water, and unexpectedly glomped Nabiki.“Thank you Nabiki!Is a great relief to be rid of stupid Duck Boy!”


“Yeah?So who are you here with then Sugar?” asked Ukyo.


Shampoo smiled enigmatically.“Ukyo not know what she had at home.Konatsu is best lover Shampoo has ever had!”


Ukyo fell over in shock, and had to be pulled out of the water by Akane before she could drown.She still coughed up a lungful of water, and had to be patted on the back.


“Well ladies,” drawled Nabiki.“It seems that many of our problems have been solved without starting World War III.She waved to a hotel employee who was sitting in a discreet corner.“Shall we compare our notes over sake?  

Some time later the four women were all sitting together in the bath, enjoying the sake and each other’s company for possibly the first time.They had been filling each other in on the stories of how they ended up with their lovers, each knowing parts of the story, but none knowing the whole.Akane was surprised to find that her former rivals for Ranma’s heart didn’t seem to be all that jealous that she had won the race, but she knew how much she had mellowed since she and Ranma had become lovers, and figured the same logic could probably be applied to the other women.


She looked over at her sister.Having a boyfriend had certainly mellowed out Nabiki, more than she thought possible.The older woman was fully relaxed in the bath, giggling and gossiping with the other girls.Akane couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen her sister so at ease.She took another drink of her sake, the alcohol buzzing around in her head making her feel bold.“So how is Mousse in bed anyway, Onee-chan?” she asked devilishly.


Shampoo’s ears perked up at the change in topic.She nodded enthusiastically.“Yes!Shampoo sometimes wonder if duck boy any good!He not so boring anymore since Nabiki took him, but Shampoo didn’t want to cheat on her new Airen.Tell what he like in bed!”


Nabiki flushed at suddenly being the center of attention, but her trademark smirk quickly returned.“Alright, I’ll tell, but first I want to hear from Ukyo what it’s like to be with two guys at the same time.”The focus switched to the okonomiyaki chef.


Ukyo laughed.“Oh ok sugar, is that how it’s going to be?In that case I want to hear from Shampoo what I’ve been missing from the kunoichi I have living in my restaurant.”


Shampoo nodded, before turning to Akane.“And Shampoo want to hear about how Ranma is in bed when she a girl!”She smiled at her one time rival, who had turned bright red and looked as if she wanted to dunk her head below the surface of the water and never surface.“Ah!Shampoo knew it!”She laughed.


Akane looked to the other two girls for backup, but both of them were looking at her intently, obviously curious about it as well.She took another swig of her sake.“Fine!Yes, I’ve slept with Ranma in his cursed form,” she admitted.“It was his idea though!”


Nabiki smirked at her sister.“Somehow I don’t think that’s completely true dear sister.”


Akane sighed.“Fine, I’ll tell the story, but I want to hear everyone else’s stories afterwards!” The other women nodded.Damn, there went the last chance she had at backing out.“Well, it all started about two months after the first time…”  

Akane moaned as she came down off of her orgasmic high.Ranma stiffened and started to cum himself, filling her up with his seed.Just the thought of being filled sent her over the edge in another small orgasm.When they first became lovers, they’d been too enthusiastic about finally getting together that they hadn’t thought about any kind of birth control.After that first night, and the day afterwards, Akane had insisted Ranma use a condom until she could get on the pill.It had been a couple of tense weeks of wondering if she’d gotten pregnant before she finally got her period, and immediately went to see Dr Tofu about something a little more reliable.


Now it was finally safe to go bareback again, and Akane didn’t want to wait any longer.She’d passed him a note in the middle of class that day telling him to sneak into her room that night.She knew that he had been waiting for this day as much as she had been, every time she’d glanced over at Ranma for the rest of the day, he had to shift in his seat to hide his rather obvious excitement.Just knowing that he was excited for tonight gave Akane a thrill of her own.


Now she lay in bed as Ranma tried to catch his breath.It was late, but Akane wasn’t the least bit tired.They’d already done it four times, but it wasn’t enough.She wanted more!She reached down to grab Ranma.She needed him hard again ASAP.


“Ouch!” cried Ranma.“Careful!It gets sore after a while you know.”


Akane huffed.“Well when are you going to be ready to go again?” she asked.She knew she was sounding bitchy, but after so many years of being a prude, she was trying to make up for lost time.She leaned over to kiss her lover, hoping to get a rise out of him that way.


Ranma enthusiastically returned the kiss, stoking her flames with his roaming hands, massaging her chest and butt.However, his own anatomy wasn’t cooperating.“It looks like I’m done for the night,” he said with a sigh.“I can’t believe you’re still worked up though.Didn’t you cum?”


Akane sighed in frustration.“Yes I did, lots of times, but I’m still horny!”She looked down at his crotch.“You sure you can’t get it up?”


Ranma shrugged.“I guess four is my limit.Of course, that was four in three hours.If we spread it out over a day I could probably go more.”


This idea intrigued Akane.A whole day of sex?Unfortunately it didn’t help her right now.Ranma just couldn’t get it up any more tonight.“So what are we going to do?” she asked.


“I could get you off with my fingers?” Ranma suggested.


Akane shook her head.“It’s not as good, and won’t be enough.”She reached over to her night table and grabbed the glass of water she’d left on the far side of the table.Taking a big sip, she handed the glass to Ranma.He was the one doing most of the work after all.


She watched as Ranma took a long draught.If only there were some way to get Ranma excited enough to go again.She paused as an idea struck her.She blushed.She had to admit that the idea had occurred to her before, but she’d never brought it up to him.She wasn’t entirely sure he’d like it, or that she’d like it for that matter.On the other hand, then they wouldn’t have to wait for the refractory period either…


Emboldened by the idea of more sex with less waiting, Akane reached over and bumped Ranma’s arm.This caused the glass to jump in his hand, splashing the last of the water all over her lover’s face, transforming him into a her.“Hey!What’s the big idea?” Ranma sputtered.


Akane didn’t waste any time with words, instead she leaned over and kissed her fiancée hard on the lips.

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